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I cried. Like a baby. The meaning behind the is just too sweet and meaningful.



My Junho looks so HANDSOME!!! Live Fan Meeting Soon!

Romance Master Junho - May have Spoilers?


K star a holic


We miss you Kim Seon HO!


Although I do admire the younger guys mightily, here’s my latest crush. I’m currently watching My Sunshine on NF (Viki does have a 4 episode director’s cut of the same drama) and discovered this hunk as the SML. Chinese actor Tan Kai or Kevin Tan. He is a ‘seasoned’ gentleman, soon to be 50 but I am really digging him. He’s got rugged good looks, etc. Although I’m sure it won’t happen, I am rooting for the FL (Tiffany Tang) to get with him instead of the ML (Wallace Chung). Yeah, Wallace is HOT too! LOL.





OOH … me likey! :heart_eyes:


While lots of y’all lament over liking guys way too young for you, I’m feeling guilty over my new ahjussi crush :see_no_evil::skull:

Chang Chen, God of War :heart_eyes:

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ahh I seriously loved his acting and his elegance as a powerful god of war :heart:I’m glad they chose a rugged, older looking man for the god of war role because he makes it so believable. he’s ADORABLE as he stumbles around with his new feelings of love and jealousy after tens of thousands of years of just battles and cultivating :sob::sob::joy: ohhh he really could be soooo petty and I lived for it!


He looks kind of Johnny Depp-ish in some of those pictures. I love it!


A good-looking man is a good-looking man, no matter the age, and he is definitely a good-looking man!


No lamenting here, sista. Age is just a number to me (and to kdramaali). No matter their age, I celebrate their drop-dead gorgeousness and their successes. I know nothing will come of my admiration but hey, a girl can dream, right??? LOL!


I am all about whatever - older man younger woman - older woman younger man - as long as you legal you good! - LOL


Channel Korea



So I started Scholar that Walk’s the Night
This actor plays the Crown Prince
I swear @irishtigger and I both thought he was Park Bo Yummy! He looks so much like him here!

Jang Seung Jo
Hottie Posse REVISITED

He’s 40!!! and Married and has sweet babies
Biography Mask

Look at that BABY!


40??? Doesn’t look a day over 25!


K star a holic

I mean RIGHT!!!


That is called aging very well. He aged into a hottie!
I have a thing for older, very mature men.


Yes - he was the ex husband in Encounter - I actually learned to love him - he was being bad to protect her (that icky FL that I can’t stand) but weird that he looks so much like PBG in Scholar


He’s not new to the Posse. I added him way back when after watching him in ‘The Good Detective’ on Ntflx. The show was great, and he was hot!


I changed it to

HOTTIE POSSE REVISITED! - I figured we had him somewhere!


Our posse is so big these days, it’s hard to keep track! :smile:


Let us all have as many POSSE members as we would LIKE!!!


“We would be as good as dead if we had nothing left to dream about” - Anne’s House of Dreams by LM Montgomery

slightly taken out of context but it still works! :joy: