My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


After spending the weekend not sleeping but rather being melted into a puddle of goo by how this guy looks at his leading lady, it would be unforgivable if I didn’t add him to the posse.

Xu Kai - 27


And he’s 27 - my favorite age

And now I’m watching the drama!



This arbitrary age you came up with to help us feel less creepy about ogling the young hotties. LOL


Y’all weird but I still love you :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know Wallace Huo has appeared on the Posse before but I’m currently watching Love Me if You Dare and he dresses much like Wookie in K2 with the dark suit coat and unbuttoned white shirt. Lookin’ good! You be the judge. :wink:




Wallace was everything in that drama! So suave and sexy.


Omo FINALLY, you’re watching it! Welcome to Wallace Huo heaven, dear triplet! :heart_eyes::joy: I stuck through because of him, Sandra Ma, Andy and Chen Mo. And I may or may not have fallen for a car :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil: he has one heck of a personality! So suave and sexy! :joy: You probably would have to scroll a long way up but I’m pretty sure I added Andy to the Hottie Posse or something similar. Can’t remember if I watched it before or after our dearest Supreme Hottie Posse Overlord entered Discussions :joy:


I agree with @my_happy_place, Wallace was everything I loved that drama so much, and @vivi_1485, who wouldn’t love Andy and Chen Mo.


It’s his best character, he played it so well.:heart_eyes:


Since I’m sure Lee Joon Gi has been added many times to the Hottie Posse I found me a new Seasoned Hottie, except I’m older than him, LOL I found him in Again My Life, but looking for pictures of him I think I need to watch God of War, I can’t find a good Again My Life photo :woman_shrugging: - Kim Chul Ki (47)



Looks like it’s time for a new enrollee in Hottie Posse University! Currently appearing in Why Her? I’d like to present Hwang In-Yeop. 31 years old with a ‘flower boy’ look about him. Reminds me of Lee Joon-gi. In-Yeop was also in True Beauty.

(Vogue Korea)




I love him! Is he the one that danced around in his underwear in True Beauty???


Yup, he is!


he has been enrolled so many times LOL


I NEED to see PArk Hae Jin in more historical dramas!!! LOOK at that profile!


Interesting. I did a search on his name in Hottie Posse and got nothing. Reposts are okay though, right? :wink:


Of course. That shows his popularity. :heart_eyes:


Too funny!


Speaking of hotties . . .

So boring to see these kinds of things online.

I don’t care how many fans it might enrage, I am at an age in my life where I just want all the established and talented Korean entertainers to get married and kill stupid rumors about their lives.

I generally like Taylor Swift as an entertainer, but I cannot imagine her being willing give up her way of life for someone from Korean culture with its much more “buttoned-down” approach to everything.

It’s clear, based on every freaking song of hers in existence, that she is desperate for love, committment, and family. But Korea is the absolute wrongest place for anyone like her to look for skinship.


That is the funniest thing I have read today :joy::joy: absolutely unexpected lol