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The comeback show is so AWESOME!


My hair was that color with blue or purple in it for a while!


Doom…Dimples…Drama…Destiny…what other D-words are there!


Hmmm . . .





I have a SERIOUS crush on this GUY!!!
Bruce Hung or Bruce He

Hello Again

Another “Daebak” Bomb



I see the glittery little hearts raining down all around . . .






“Honey, I bey you eat jalapeños on your cereal every morning because you are HOT!”

(Just slip me a roll of gimbap through the computer screen for writing you great lines for when you bump into any one in your posse at the Seoul 7-Eleven . . .)

(If you have not watched this guy on YouTube, you have missed a lot!)


Oh No! I love pick up lines! I have some good ones!

Are you A Parking Ticket…Cuz You Got FINE Written All Over You!

Are You From Tennessee…Cuz Your The Only Ten I See

Do you Believe In Love At First Sight …or Should I Walk By Again

I’m adding yours to it!




KWB eyebrows


The current “type” among Korean male “idol types” seems to be a cross between the flower boy and the commando.

The number of K-drama actors who have only recently served in the Korean military is pretty staggering, but just ten years ago, when that same generation of hotties was just emerging from their awkward junior high years into older adolescence, they were all about being seventeen and “swoony” NOT um . . .

taking a deep breath . . .

33 and “doomy”!

(from The Famous People)

For me, the most important feature among a whole herd of buff K-Army vets, the truly distinguishing feature is cheekbones. And in that category, Lee Soo Hyuk is number one in the class.



Did you say “33 and Doomy” Aw I love it and what was your comment on our TEAM TEAM LEADER - ??? His cheekbones are DREAMY! and STEAMY! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

I like that cross between commando and flower boy! BEASTLY!


A man with a flat face or a fat face. Nah. Cheekbones, baby. Gimme tha CHEEKBONES.

As Miss Coroner points out in The Imperial Coroner, an adult male face has more pronounced brow ridges and different proportions than a female face, with corresponding bone development in the skull and skeleton.

So, as humans mature from birth to adulthood, it’s fun to be 16 and squee about the boys in the band. (I will not reveal who I squeed about in high school, thankyoverymuch.)

But when adulthood comes, there is something noteworthy about entertainers/celebrities/idols who mentally and emotionally and spiritually mature as they physically mature. They at some point pass from being apprentices to being master craftsmen.

I am glad that the actors who were so adorbs as “flower boys” really are “adulting” in an amazing way. And they have gotten some cheekbones for days.

Case in point for me will always be. Yoon Shi Yoon.

Yoon Shi Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door was just adorbs. So “oppa.”

In "‘Psycho-Pass’ Diary" he displayed some real manly grit and some unexpected acting chops. And in Grand Prince he showed quite a bit of the commando attitude.

IMHO, any man in the entertainment industry in any country who starts out naturally “girly pretty” is going to have a hard time being taken seriously for lead roles as he gets older and older.

I am happy to see that the K-drama “flower boys” who first engaged my attention with their adolescent adorableness have turned out to be mature and thoughtful in the best sense as they have reached adulthood.

This sadly does not often apply to the American entertainment industry.


I need to get to know him! I think I have said that up above!

I want to watch Your Honor and My Absolute Boyfriend


Oh, do get to know Yoonie. He is one of the . . . . hottie keepers?

Where does one keep hotties? No, not in the refrigerator! Wrong!

No,NOT next to the AC. What, and lose your space in front of the chilly air stream?

This is one of the Viki fan challenges that is more troubling than running out of popcorn. But @kdrama2020ali is on it day and night!


Found this on Facebook. If we “sub” @kdrama2020ali for “these couriers” and fiddle with pronouns . . .

It’s the ULTIMATE fangirl badge, and one I think that cannot be earned by anyone else!


I’d like to THANK everyone - the ACADEMY OF HOTNESS :fire: - The HOTTIES in the Posse - :fire:
Thank you @misswillowinlove for bestowing me with such an HONOR

:purple_heart: I will go FORTH and FIND MORE HOTTIES :purple_heart:

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Ali in Wonderland - That’s Me



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I am VERY VERY VERY GRATEFUL for the JOB that I GET TO DO! :purple_heart:

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A Little Woo Do Hwan
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Wow, of course!
He deserves to be here!


Goodness! LJG does even advertisements with star casts! :heart_eyes::joy: I honestly thought this was a new drama :see_no_evil: