My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


There is Song Kang!!! So Cute


Oh my Goodness - Just found this of Ji Chang Wook (WOOKIE)


I love him more in action/romance dramas such as K2 or Healer than I did in the fluffy/romantic genre he’s been in. I haven’t even finished Melting Me Softly yet (I am soooooo bad and fickle). He is one of my top ten though!


He’s really gorgeus! I love his acting!


I heard Melting Me Softly is not everyone’s favorite but that shower scene YOWSERS

The man is a MASTER Kisser!

He is definitely my Top 10 Hotties


Did you not like Suspicious Partner - I love him as the broody Lawyer! So ADORBS!
And there is a mystery/crime thing going on.

Oh goodness

I could do a whole thread just on Wookie!!! :blue_heart:

I got up at like 3 am a few months ago for his LIVE Fan Meeting - He is the funniest cutest thing!


:rofl: Of course you’d find the shirtless version. I had no idea that the saeguk vampire was fit. I thought he was just skinny. :joy:


It’s like POKEMON

I’ll find it if it’s out there. :smile:


I have not seen Melting Me Softly, because the premise sounds so goofy, and I don’t know what the deal is with kissing fully clothed in a shower. Nobody looks as if there is a reason to have two clean people in a shower. The more implausible a scene is, the more I need a plausible reason for it to occur.

However, wet or dry, Ji Chang Wook is a kissing seongsaengnim!


It’s a great reason - HE CANT GET HOT :fire::fire::fire: That is why the alarm goes off on his watch so he puts them in the shower so they can - ahem - kiss - that look he gives her at the DOOR!!!

(He was once frozen that is why he can’t get hot) but he is HOT :fire: but I digress…



fangirl verdict

Amino Apps



Did I EVER say how much I love Park Bo Gum


Amino Apps

Hottie Posse Revisited


It’s not really worth finishing. It’s ultimately a very forgettable drama. I wasn’t there for the kiss scene, so plot-wise, I was bored out of my mind. I forced myself to finish it, thinking it gets better and telling myself I HAD to because I’m a JCW fan :joy:. But noooope. I was disappointed and it’s the drama that got me out of my JCW phase. Luckily, Lee Joon Gi was there to pick me up :relieved::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
If you really want to see JCW in a “fluffy” romcom, I would totally recommend Suspicious Partner. It’s in my all-time top ten (or fifteen).

If you saw the way the scene starts, you’d be completely convinced that they HAD to do that :joy:


Kim Myung Soo or “L” - Infinite - Meow the Secret Boy
Angel’s Last Mission
I guess I will be watching Angel’s Last Mission soon - with lots of Kleenex


"He’s just a SLY FOX wearing the MASK of a HOTTIE" and

"Yes I’m just a Huge Fan of GREAT lines - With a WEAK SPOT FOR HOT GUYS" :fire::fire::fire:

@misswillowinlove Gotta admit these are good lines!!!


@kdrama2020ali, I really, really need to make a concerted effort to finish watching Melting Me Softly this weekend. I haven’t started Suspicious Partner simply because I felt bad leaving MMS hanging. NF has Lovestruck in the City with Wookie too. I really do love the guy and need to get with the program before I get kicked out of the club. LOL!


I agree. The premise of Melting Me Softly was a little off-the-wall for me and the FL acts like a wacko in the first episode or so. I think that has been what has been holding me back from watching more of it. I really loved him in K2 on NF. I started watching on a whim after seeing the trailer but it really was a fairly good series. Of course, when Wookie gets dressed up in a suit with an open collar white shirt…hubba, hubba!!! And that is generally his mode of dress throughout the series. 'Nuff said. Hahahaha!!!


Oh Just Watch Suspicious Partner! You will LOVE it!


Like @kdrama2020ali ali said, I think you’ll like Suspicious Partner… he wears formals almost throughout the whole show… and GLASSES! Bonus: he looks AMAZING in prosecutor robes! He plays a smart but adorably grumpy prosecutor in that one.

The AMOUNT of times he loses it… I cant stop laughing every time he goes crazy! As an office drama, it’s one of the best

This is the perfect description:


I love how his hair changes from when he is a prosecutor to when he is a regular lawyer! He CRACKS me up he’s such a baby or puppy!

His SMILE is worth watching that over and over again! And he is so broody!

His freak outs are the best!