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JUNHO - 2pm


Can someone recommend me some Idol Dramas ? Actually this genre is my personal favourite


Actually South Korea is a hub of actors and beauties. It has produced many great actors and actress as well as Singers (KPOP). It has a great history too. Actors and Actress no doubt in Korea are handsome and beautiful.
Actress or Singers in Korea are so beautiful, we can’t just imagine. Actors, too are not behind they have awesome voice, awesome facial features and a perfect body…


My Collection with actors who also are very talented in singing, songwriting, musicians etc

Anything with Junho from 2pm - Although he is so much more than an IDOL - He is so talented.
Wok of Love - Good Manager etc

Angel’s Last Mission -Meow the Secret Boy has Infinite’s L or Kim Myung Soo

True Beauty - Gangnam Beauty - Cha Eun Woo

Marcus Chang - Lost Romance - Taiwanese actor/singer

Ji Chang Wook - Suspicious Partner, K2, Healer

Lee Minho - Legend Blue Sea - Heirs etc he has a lot

Bii - Bromance - Taiwanese actor and beautiful singer

Park Hyung Sik - ZE:A - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and High Society

Henry - Oh My Venus Seo Kang Joon - Go to You When the Weather is Nice

Kim Jae Wook - Guitarist - Singer - Coffee Prince - Her Private Life

Park Bo Gum - Singer/Pianist - Love in the Moonlight - Encounter

I own most of these guys CDs - If you look in the collections comments lots of their music videos
Sorry maybe that is all TMI - I know WAY too much about my guys.



Major MAJOR Major - Crushing on - Jang Ki Yong!




HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JI CHANG WOOK - MY WOOKIE :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:
July 5th





I’m watching “Your Honor” and Meeting Yoon Shi Yoon
Birthday coming up in September he will be 35 can you believe that!


It’s a crucial time in an actor’s life.

There are only so many years an actor can be a money-making boy before he starts to lose his eternally youthful demeanor and the screaming girls go elsewhere.

Parlaying youthful success into mature career stability requires that an actor have something beyond a pretty face and expensive clothes.

And in the entertainment world, if an actor wants a family, finding a woman who is willing to put up with his schedule, his fans, and his insecurities in order to bear and raise his children . . . wow, that has to be crazy-making.

What does Yoonie do that’s truly special? Where does he shine? Fifteen years from now, when he’s out and about with his kids, what community will he be a part of? How will he be making the world a better place?


He is just phenomenal in Your Honor with his facial expressions! Being able to change between characters and his “over the top” portrayal of the younger criminal brother! I can’t wait to see more of it! The shows OST is awesome and so far I am very captivated. I think I could name many actors in my Posse who will follow along in the footsteps of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook and Ji Sub continue to be a viable artist as they age! A lot of these guys are like a fine wine - they get better with age! The talent beyond just the LOOKS! I know that they have it! Here is to many years of watching our favorites make great ART.



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We Heart It


Kim Soo Hyun - I loved him in My Love From the Stars! One of my Favorites
I want to watch It’s Ok to Not Be Ok but I need to brace myself for a more intense show!

Hottie Posse Revisited


Adding Ji Soo - to the Posse - Recently more and more things are coming out showing that many false statements (I understand he made apologies for some) have been made about him - ruining his career - I hope he RESTs well in the military and makes another LEADING roll comeback when he’s back - I have backed him the whole time. (Please no hating if you want to discuss those issues we have another thread for that)…

(funny I saw him in Doctors and loved his side character and hated the drama)


Zhang Xin Cheng, he’s cute!!

I’m currently watching “The day of becoming you”, it’s great!


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(This is such a fun thread for true ADMIRATION of the talent these artists have - I love how many have joined in our POSSE)




E online


Let’s just ADD
:purple_heart:Jung Hae In :purple_heart:
To the POSSE


So, you’re throwing the OTHER BBF into the mix, the Baby Bunny Factor.

Don’t forget the factor that makes friends of hotties watchable, and that is the Baby Bro Factor.

Don’t forget Dawon in . . . you know . . . THAT K-drama!

(Viki screen cap)

He would win awards for “best cry-cute scene.”


I KNEW you would like Jung Hae In


He is soooo cute! When I first watched one of his K-dramas (it was Something in the Rain), I thought this young one is a good actor (I thought he was in his late teens or very early 20’s). He just doesn’t age! He’s 33 now but he still seems to retain a very youthful attitude (in my opinion, of course).


The reason he didn’t make the posse earlier is that is a “throw the laptop” drama for me! Of course, not his fault but I WAS so MAD at that show!!! He is ADORABLE


HOTTIE BBF POSSE Member Cha Eun Woo_
King Choice


This Video is the Sweetest EVER

The ULTIMATE Baby Bird is Cha Eun Woo - I LOVE HIM!!! And the cake making for his mom! What a sweetheart - He won my Heart!!!

You should start a BBF thread - That would be so fun!!!
2 WORDS for Cha Eun Woo are PRECIOUS and ADORABLE


As I remember, her mother was an absolute rip in that drama. I wanted to smack her so hard through my TV screen. Hahaha!! Of course, some of the other characters weren’t very nice to her either. So I agree that that drama honked me off as well.