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July 10th - A Very Happy Birthday to one of my 1st K-Loves - Kim Shin - Gong YOO


The GBF or goofball factor is important.



Adding on Gong Yoo’s Bday - Our FRIEND - Grim Reaper
Lee Dong Wook - Welcome to Hottie Posse
Beautiful Man



You do NOT Even know how much I LOVE these TWO


And I’m having a JUNHO kinda day! :purple_heart:


Guys with a great sense of humor can be a turn-on. Just sayin’.


Very true statement! This is what made me fall for my husband - his sense of humor and ability to make me laugh.


I did not know how much you love them. Thank you for sharing (for the beezillionth time).



Me Ashamed! Moi - Naw



After watching “Your Honor” I think Yoon Shi Yoon has the cutest personality - he looks like he would have a GREAT sense of humor. He would make me laugh

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Definitely. I first watched him in Flower Boy Next Door, and his character is so quirky and fun. Frankly, very different from any of his other roles. I fell for that side of him. Just shows his incredible range as an actor because he also does serious roles incredibly well.



Kpop amino

Revisit🔥 Choi Jin Hyuk🔥 in Hottie Posse
He really works out!!!

@sweetybirdtoo you know what I hear our noise so much now!!! It’s insane


I feel bad for the AMOUNT of times I’m telling you to watch Psychopath Diary :sweat_smile: but here I am again… I LOVE MY NOT-PSYCHOPATH BABY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Yoo Shi Yoon pulls off comedy SOOOOO wellllll he is such a freaking CINNAMON ROLL! I spent all 16 hours of that drama trying to restrain myself from just picking up my laptop and HUGGING him through it



Is he BAD or what in that!!! He is so ADORABLE! Another new one to add to my - I have to find all of his dramas list. His comedy and his facial expressions are so AWESOME


I haven’t watched that particular drama, but I feel you on this sentiment.



He needs to go in the Winnie The Pooh Category! A huggable BEAR!


Bad? :joy: He’s a cute pushover guy who gets amnesia one day and picks up a psychopath’s diary. He thinks he’s a psychopath and spends most of the drama trying to “be his true self” by doing crimes but he’s inherently a person who can’t hurt a fly :joy: It’s hILARIOUS watching this big baby try to be a psychopath and totally frustrating and irritating the real one! His murder-practice scenes will have you HOWLING with laughter




Chinese Drama Info

Kido Gao Hanyu - Love is Sweet 2nd ML - I like this guy


I’ve been missing my man LJG lately :sob::sob:

Choose a drama QUICKKKK I miss youuuu :pensive::sob: He said he wanted to do a melo next but I don’t see itttt


I do love him!!! Yes - We need a new show - I need to watch the soul crushing Scarlett Heart!!!
@vivi_1485 do you follow him on Instagram he posts a lot



Crushing on Lee Dong Wook :kiss: