My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Stop it! lol

I heard it in 18 Again by Lee Do Hyun. I immediately thought of you. lol


I do!! I love the way he’s so sweet to his fans in every post :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He always includes a picture of him smiling and that just makes my day!^^

I loved the photos he posted after the Baeksang Awards… even though he didn’t win anything, he still cheered us all up!


Yoonie has the Baby Bird factor, the Big Brother factor, the Baby Bear Factor, the Cheekbone factor, and when he wrinkles his nose, a whole lot of the Baby Bunny Factor.

The Korean entertainment industry is what you call pretty small, with the various genres and their sources well-established at this point. What I absolutely LOVE about Psychopath Diary is how it pokes fun at ALL of them. The scary (political, spy, revenge), the funny (family, idol, rom-com), the entertaining (variety, cooking, home shopping) . . .

AND Psychopath Diary is a terrific example of a complex script that keeps a viewer guessing right up to the end, but once you get to the final episode, you end up being very satisfied with how things turn out.

So, @vivi_1485, you have identified a MOST crucial hottie factor, the Cinnamon Bun Factor. For me, next to the Cheekbone Factor, I’d say that is probably what sways me more than any other.

I love, if I can put it that way, revenge dramas because they are so poetic and symbolic and deal with grand concepts (what does it mean to be human, what does it mean to be responsible, what does it mean to be fair and just), and in those kinds of dramas, being a cinnamon bun isn’t so appealing to me. THEN I want an actor to be really hard core.

But in Psychopath Diary, Yoon Shi Yoon is kind of like a one-man play. He does it all, and he does it well and very sweetly.



Yes! I’m constantly amazed at how he switches personalities so easily and just carried the whole show! It’s like that role was made for him. I’m wondering whether to watch ‘The Best Hit’ or ‘Train’ next… one is a rom-com(?) and the other is a time-travel thriller. Both have YSY as the ML.


OOH, thanks for the heads-up! It’s turning out to be a Yoonie summer!



:purple_heart:Junho :purple_heart:is talking to me at the moment!!!



Has Anyone Watched “My Country A New Age???”
Every time I see gifs I just wanna watch it! Woo Do


It’s been trying to draw me in but so far I’ve resisted. I’m on vacay next week so I might cave then. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Did I give you EVEN more incentive to watch with a Hottie post!!! :heart_eyes:


Yes! You are evil with your information overload! :joy::rofl::joy:
Just kidding! I enjoy reading everyone’s posts including yours. :blush::yum::blush:
Problem is, most of our hotties have large bodies of work (if you consider all their movies/dramas combined) so where do you even start???


I agree I feel like I just can’t get them all in fast enough!!!






Welcome So Ji Sub - or aka Ji Sub
43 and still gorgeous


He was SUPER HOT HOT HOT in Oh My Venus. In real life, he married a gal that is 10+ years younger than him.



I say good for him! I’m not ageist by any means. My sister married a guy who was 35 years older than her and they got along great.



The cuties from ATEEZ I was watching them on VLive this morning. WooYoung and Yeo-Sang do the noise! It’s a thing! Totally


I watched them on Kingdom, I was thinking I don’t remember hearing anything, but then again if I recall correctly they mostly showed the leader talking, Hong Joong is it?


Missing my ahjussisssssssss :sob::sob::sob: First LJG and now YSH COME BACKKKKKK I cannot wait for YSH’s new drama… at this point, I will watch WHATEVER LJG, YSH, Shin Min Ah or So Ji Sub come with. I don’t care, I miss they way too much.


Whatcha mean STILL???


Better - @misswillowinlove