My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


¿Cual es? <3


Which series! That particular modeling series for Gong Yoo???

It was the MONSTER series


¡Muchas gracias!


There is a video of it! On utube! Of him filming it!

Monster Gong Yoo Magazine Vol4 is the video I found from 2017 if you want to google it


Genial. Muchas gracias, voy a esperar a que duerma la familia para verlo


super amé Oh my venus, la sugerí para watch party y la vimos en grupo <3 <3 <3


Oh fun - I love Oh My Venus - That is where I met Ji Sub and Henry!!!


Oh my gosh why is he so beautiful!!! I love him!!! I need to watch I am not a Robot Again!


I Heart it

One of the best confessions by her - EVER


noooooo don’t make me want to watch it againnnnn I just finished my fifth re-watch last month!! :see_no_evil:


wow, welcome back baby choi!! (I know he’s not a baby but he’s such a hottie)


I know that we have a lot of Korean hotties in here, but since I just finished “The day of becoming you” I have to add him in here.
I just confirm that he’s such a great actor and always so cute with the FL.

Zhang Xin Cheng



He’s a CUTIE PIE! :purple_heart: I posted Renn Kiriyama (Japanese) recently and Kido Gao Hanyu (Chinese)
I know we have kdrama, cdrama, tdrama and jdrama HOTTIES!!! ha!


Love him! I made a top 10 hottie list but only included Korean actors. I’ve been contemplating doing one that would include the other nationalities because I’ve watched a couple great Chinese actors recently that reminded me they have quite a few hotties themselves. I’m not sure I’d have a full 10, but he would be on it nevertheless.


Do it!! we are struggling trying to include all of them hahaha


Head on over to Top 10 HOTTIES and give us a new list!!! :purple_heart:

Renn is in my Top 10 - I love him!


Love is Phantom - Gonna Miss Renn So Much!
He moves his mouth in a sexy way that is so good when he is just sitting there or talking! Can’t explain it


It was a total surprise from the very beginning!!!


Noonas Over Forks

Dating Celebs


Kim Ji Seok

Man he is hiding those abs in Monthly Magazine Home




Daily K Pop

kdrama stars




Park Seo Joon - Welcome to Hottie Posse - Has no one posted him???