My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?



I NEED names! Those are some cuties I don’t know!


They’re all from cdramas!
From top to bottom:

yangyang (love o2o)
vin zhang (storm eye)
liu ruilin (storm eye)
Wallace Huo (love me if you dare)
Hu yitian (go go squid!)
Song Weilong (go ahead)
Leo Luo / Luo Yunxi (love is sweet)

hope this helps


I love “Love is Sweet” Leo Luo He’s a DANCER I love it. I also love the 2nd lead Gao Hanyu

Gao Hanyu

Leo Luo
YES I just got into C-Dramas also love Daddi Tang


Down girl! Down! That’s it… settle down now… Hands kdramagirl a tissue to wipe the drool off:rofl: Have a little peek at San’s Belly button…

(As she is busy watching Seonghwa do that really complicated dance move - 다시! (again) :rofl:



Ok, I am just gonna say it! These are some of the most sensual men (or some youngmen) I have ever seen! Seriously Trying to Kill Me
She says as she rolls back to watch that belly button dance like 14,000 times! I DIE when he smiles

Dang they can DANCE!


Isn’t there a video with him completely shirtless or did I dream that?


Oh yes, they CAN DANCE! I know! If I was a teenager I’d be right there dancing with those guys in a hot minute! It’s all I can do to sit still now! I used to love to dance before my knees went out and I still jump up and try some of those dances but my knees give out so quickly… :sob: It’s especially hard on my knees when it’s a salsa, merengue or cha-cha. Those really kill my knees.

When San rubs his hands together I can’t help but think he’s praying just before rolling the dice. :laughing:

That dance that Seonghwa does (and all of them) is so aggressive and complicated! It’s fascinating to watch that dance. I don’t know what it is about Seonghwa but he’s the first guy that I actually stooped dead in my tracks and just stared at him the first time I saw him and there is a world full of cute guys out there. It’s interesting to me that I can’t figure it out why.

I just LOVE this Rappin’ ChaCha. I.N.'s pimp coat is hilarious! I DO get up and dance to this until my knees give out. I mean, How can you avoid dancing to this?

Shall I grab a still shot of Mr. Bellybutton for you? He’s your March pinup guy. :joy:

You hafta click on this one to see the full length.


Oh my gosh the belly with the smile!!! I can dance with these guys all they gotta do is teach me how!!!
He can official be in Hottie Posse!


Ah, you really have to teach yourself! Feel the rhythm, coordinate your arms and legs and get moving in time to the beat! EASY! Lots of energy helps.

I think Ateez and Stray Kids will be huge in the next couple of years - as long as things like Spotify/Kakao turf wars don’t mess them up internationally.


I heard about that I was just going to get utube music but if I get a playlist together of 2PM, Astro, Exo, Infinite, Got7, Jackson Wang, Yunho, VIXX, Ateez, Marcus Chang, Bii, Henry etc. If it gets erased I will be so mad.


I should really move this to what are you listening to.

Still there:
2PM, Ateez, BTS, Paul Kim, Gaho, Dongho, WonHo, Shinee, EXO, Baekhyun, Daniel Kang, Block B, NCT 127, Onew, Taemin, Key, Aespa, Bloo, Movning, Jackson Wang, NIve, SOLE, suggi, BlackPink, Twice, Dvwn, Day 6 Even of Day, Bii, Eric Nam, Stray Kids, TOO, Minzy, BVNDIT, Red Velvet, IZ*ONE, Nature, VeriVEry, cignature, SuperM,MonstaX, DPR IAN, Natty, GOT7, Pentagon, Bl,ueD, TomorrowXTogether, Taeyeon, Jun K, AB6ix, A.C.E., (G)Idle, Some Henry’s, Some Seodo, Kai, Nu-est, Enhypen, Some Hwasa, Zion T., Seventeen, Chen, J-Hope, August D, Crush,

VIXX, Cravity, Some Hwasa, Mamamoo!, Some Baekhyun, Stayc, The Boyz, Lee Seung Gi, Drippin, Lots of Henry!, ONEWE!, NeD, Secret Number, Gunho, Taeyeon, Seodo, Bora, DKB, Paul Kim, E’Last, card, ZICO!, Park Won, Some GAHO!, Lee Hong Gi, Code Kunst-Choi Jung Hoon, For the Gone, BOB-BLUE, parting Place, ONEUS, Purple Kiss, Kim Woo Seok,


I can not heart that I need a frowny face ::face_with_raised_eyebrow::disappointed_relieved:


Oh my HEART! 18 days and counting!


kdramagirl… They invented a word for you.

polyandry :rofl:

What about your Mountain?


Oh I guessed two of them correctly! Zhang Bin Bin and Wallace Huo.


I know that most BTOB music was taken off of Spotify because there were issues with the record label for the specific albums of that specific group in their specific company, CUBE. I think other CUBE artists have their music on Spotify, though.


Polyandry! Hmmmmmmmmm! Meeeeeeeeeee! Moi…I am so shocked! hahahahahahahah!

That belly button though!


I highly respect Junho and find him a very talented artist! (no really seriously he is my 1st kdrama/kpop love) He’s 31…He’s 31…I promise he just turned 31. He needs to get home! And take more photos! He looks so young!

JUNHO HOME March 20 The Man can Dance, Sing, Song Write, Rap, Act, Talk to his cats (I can listen to that ALL day long)


lol Here’s some more San bellybutton. (There’s nothing on under that jacket) :laughing:

He’s saying, “Come to me kdramagirl!”