My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Really? Do I move it there?


I was so in love with his CHEF character in Oh My Ghostess :fire::fire::fire:


It’s fine you can leave it! You worked HARD


No, it’s fine, I mixed you up with someone else. Sorry.


I think it’s fine here. I believe @natyh is usually the one who does the hottie of the week quiz, or am I wrong? I haven’t seen her around lately, though.

But for your quiz, that’s a tough decision.


The 2nd lead from MEOW - MEOW


I love every character he played. He’s so funny in Hospital Playlist.


My decision comes down to him or sweet, sweet Park Ji Hoon.


Yes, I’m the one who does the poll but I was on a trip :rofl:
I’ll be back next week as usual!


Okay, good. We miss you and your quiz.


That’s my decision issue - I lean toward my sweet Park Ji Hoon because I loved Spring is Green! I love him!


Sorry @natyh & @mas4 My brain saw hottie quiz and must of gone blank. lol




Ok. Here are five guys who I consider to be very handsome. Sorry @kdrama2020ali No abs on display. :smirk:

Cheng YI

He looks good with those vulcan eyebrows. :sunglasses:

Park Seonghwa

Lee Hong Yi


Mark Chao

Zhang Bin Bin


Of course, there are many more but I don’t have time right now to collect photos. :sunglasses:


I likie!!!


All excellent. They all look really good in their historical looks as well.



Dead or Kicking


Baron Chen


My latest guilty pleasure and current crush, Choi Jin-hyuk. Hold me back…




Are you sure you really want us to?


Stop it. he’s a dangerous topic with @kdrama2020ali & I lol…