My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Not really… He,he,he.


Oh come on! Can’t I just have this one guy??? Please, please, please???


lol Park Hyung Sik is my first love (ok, second after my husband) so I’ll concede Choi Jin Hyuk to you, but I’ve got a weird thing about a noise he makes, I dragged @kdrama2020ali in with me. It’s an inhale/slurp that he makes when he’s showing disapproval, it’s really weird but…


uh… You guys are just PLAIN OL’ GREEDY! :rofl:



If you follow up in the thread - I have posted Choi BABY many times! What Choi? Share?
Hmmmmmmmmm what say you @sweetybirdtoo

Do you know about the noise??? We actually have a spreadsheet dedicated to it! And finding it!
However - A LOT OF THE GUYS DO IT!!! It is like a tsk tsk do what I say thing - they suck in their breath -

Choi is in my Top #10 or is Top #15 Where Am I at NOW :laughing:

I found him in Devilish Joy - One of my 1st 10 dramas
and Fated to Love You (how could you not want Daniel)




@kdrama2020ali You must stop stealing their shirts! Winter is approaching and the weather is getting colder. You don’t want your posse to catch a cold, do you? :rofl:



I really am innocent!



I first found him in Heirs. He was a fairly minor player in that drama but in the last episode when he couldn’t marry the woman he loved but felt he had to marry another woman to strengthen the family company his crying/sobs at that realization really broke my heart. I love how his smile spreads to his eyes. Yes, he is a beautiful man!


He hates his “eye” smile! I love it!


You didn’t fight me I thought we were gonna have a "tussle"
Did you watch FATED?


Yes, I have seen Fated to Love You and yes, I definitely notice him in that as well. After I finish Devilish, I’m probably gonna watch Tunnel.



We should start a Choi Jin Hyuk Thread I would be ALL about that! :wink:




@stardust2466_546 Now I wanna watch Devilish Joy Again! You have me mooning over Choi


Don’t let DO find out…


Something about Choi - his voice is so DEEP and that eye smile and those muscles and I could go on!!!

But yes we are still having DO-zie Lovefest 2021 going on!


Probably best to keep it on the downlow from Seo In-guk too. LOL!


And a few others!
Gong Yoo, Kim Jae Wook, Junho, Wookie, Minho, Seo Kang Joon, Song Kang, Seo In Guk, DO, Woo Do Hwan - and many many more!



We can let them think he’s theirs, but we know the truth.



It says here you got 2.2 thousand views and more than 1 thousand replies. is that possible? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Maybe counting eack videos and each hotties pics, too?


Xu Kaicheng


Nope that is probably true!

I actually have 12.2K Hearts received for Sept 5 2020 to Sept 5 2021
Isn’t that obnoxious! hahahahahaha!