***My Love From the Star***


WATCH IT ! your life would be a waste if you haven’t !!! xD srsly you’ll LOOOOVE it as we ALLLLLLL did !!!


HAHAHA i feel the same at the last pics xD

i get excited that i get to start Mimi now! my love from the stars, u were good…


And check out Bride of the Century in the 2 ep when she has the fencing mask on PRICELESS still chuckling about it…


OMG !!! YES DO IT ASAP!!! That’s all I have to say…LOL!


I kept wondering what was it like for Yoo In Na to be in this drama especially when some parts of MLFTS reminded me of QIHM XDDD I absolutely adore YIN, she is one of my favs…


It’s great that they give us the good ending, but for some reason I think they could do better than that. I loved the beginning of the last episode when he gone back to his star and asked people around her to do him a favour to take care of her. I cried so much and it’s remind me of the movie called “PS I Love You”. I think if the writer has taken this approach, the ending will be much more meaningful.


Yeah right ? I love her too very good actress and she’s beautiful. Really pretty and like I get from behind the scenes videos she has a cute personality


I have to disagree I personally find the ending very meaningful each time he reappears may be the last time they see each other because it is not guaranteed that he actually can come back again so every minute together is special…basically the message I got was don’t take your loved ones for granted tomorrow may never come…live life to the fullest with no regrets…every moment is precious when you look at life that way the things your other half does that set you off don’t seem as important to fight over when the last memory you could have could be things you said and didn’t mean in a fit of anger…that what I thought of anyway…


Well said girl . I definitely agree. Since I am just 17 I don’t really belive that there is love like that somewhere out there(while others in ny age belive in that lol) but If yes then it’s beautiful. I really loved that drama and it’s one of the dramas which have a message just like 49 days. I don’t find such dramas often so I loved these two


It took me decades upon decades to find my soul mate and I’ll be honest not many people actually do find theirs…lovers and a partners yes but a soul mate is on a completely different level…17 you don’t need to worry about it!!! Just have fun!!! It’s more so once you hit your 30s you start to worry about being alone and end up just settling…your better off being alone if they aren’t the right one…


Yeah agree… i never had a boyfriend before or usually I have nothing to do with boys blabla. But sometimes I feel forever alone for example while watching MLFTS hahahah. better than some girls in my class who are 14 and think they found the love of their life and doing EVERYTHING with them …

And well school is more important, at least for me. And since my parents would kill me it’s better to be alone


You have 1 in a million chance of actually staying with your first boyfriend just doesn’t happen you aren’t fully developed into the person you will become at that age people change as they mature and drift apart not that first loves aren’t important they leave an impart on your life sometimes good but usually bad…but that also helps us grow…


Yeah yeah oomgf reminds me of gu family book

I found it !!=D

“The first love helps one grow up, and the last love completes the person.”
Park Chung Jo


Alright!! :smiley:
Since you all say so i will check it out and let you know…


hahahhaah you guys are all making me feel curious x.x

I will watch it now then!! =D


Agree !! hahahahahha just love this drama


Ahhh love it that you all love this drama as much as I do haha


Check it out guys! It’s not really over yet!
And remember, today is their wrapping up party. Expect more pics, let’s hope!

Many are still reeling in from the conclusion of SBS’ “Man from the Stars,” but fans can anticipate one more last clip from the drama. It was announced that the drama would release a never-before-seen epilogue on March 4. “Man from the Stars” had always finished each episode with an epilogue that brought laughter or tears to viewers. The last episode also concluded with an epilogue that showed actress Chun Song Yi’s (Jun Ji Hyun) interview about Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun). However, due to the drama broadcast time, the full epilogue was not aired.

A staff of the drama expressed, “We will be showing the full version of the epilogue that was not aired due to time issues. The clip will be released on March 4. Although we were disappointed that we had to edit the epilogue because of time, we hope to officially conclude the drama with a happy ending through the full epilogue that will be posted on the homepage.”

The full epilogue with the never-before-seen cut will be uploaded on “Man from the Stars’” official homepage ” on March 4.


I want to officially say… I ADORE YOU!!! :smiley:

You always bring me good news and keep me up to date … i dono what to do without you xp
I wanna see the epilogue!! I am so excited!!!
I am so gonna buy the director’s cut of the drama when it is released!!


Omo yeayyyyy I miss this drama so much this is just perfect