***My Love From the Star***


WOOP WOOP I can’t wait to see it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Now go check on your students’ segments so you will have time to watch the new epilogue : D

Regarding Director’s cut DVD. They are doing a survey now to see how much the public demand is.
Here’s a copy from soompi’s discussion (if you want to read it yourself on the forum over there, it’s on page 1032)

Does anyone want to buy You came from another star Director’s cut DVD?
Specific things are not settled yet but,
Director’s cut DVD usually includes re-edited video by director+commentary &interview videos+special goods(only for pre-orderer)
They are having surveys to estimate the demand.
Check out at this website→

Oh, i think special goods might be one of Dominjun’s Original Diary,Conti-book or concept book.
Price will be $120~150. You can buy later but you cannot get the special goods T.T
English Sub will included.

You can email them. Address is
Write name,country,quantity


JJH’s hubby.
The Hongkong paparazzi did this. They said it was taken when he was out from his office, playing basketball alone. Poor hubby. JJH left to Japan straight away for photoshoots after she’s finished the filming.

Is it me or he does look like So Ji Sub a little bit???


I prefer KSH if it’s okay hahahahha

But still … If she’s happy



is it really KSH ? really ??

the man in black?

Why can’t I see him at the airport ? CRYYYYYYYYYYYYy


yup. I think he went there for some Korean event and also photoshoots for a korean magazine (I read about it somewhere).


hahahahahaha yeah… I know how you feel!


I should have drive 2 hours to see him T_T
Cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omgg … I miss him T_T I should start watching Dream High


Lol this is just perfect


Take a note of DMJ’s (ehm… KSH’s) hands…

No wonder he’s called as “the Naughty hand” in Korea! LOL
But it also shows how good as an actor he is, if he can act as natural and detailed as that!


WHOA. reallyyy beautiful picture!! O.O beautiful couple.



am i still alive? checks pulse

his hands T.T i love them LOL


I am checking them now xD
Ohh and btw i am getting closer to the PS badge Yeyy!!

I just made an account on soompi xD now i will join the fun if i can say so lol… but i am still pretty lost x.x
How to get to page 1032?? x.x

Oh and the site is completely in korean i am SOOO lost lol… i have no idea how to find the survey…

Ahhh this would be awesome i will totally pre-order it!!! I am so gonna save up from now till then xp
No more eating out xD


OMG this kiss is just PERFECT!!

Lol at the “Naughty hand” nickname xD so true!!


LOLOLOL I feel ya girl


LIKE WHOA. foreals. i was on the floor with that. hahaha

LOL i love this gif haha


@b2utybubbles @dramaaaaa

You guys and your gifs always make me laugh so hard Lol!!! xD


LOOOL!!! thank you! im glad we made u laugh hahaha xD GIFS is truly the best way to describe feels… hahahaha x.D


Hahahahah yeahh totally!!! :smiley:


xD like this would be a good gif when ur excited for your subs to come out or the day a drama ep comes out

LOL too crazy xD