***My Love From the Star***


I think for the time being i will just focus on segging not watching =P
And when i get time to watch again… I will just watch MLFTS all over again xD
Ahhh i can’t wait for the DVD release!!!


i tried cunning single lady but i fell asleep by episode 2! it didn’t hold my attention!


Yeah I believe that … It’s should be a funny drama maybe that’s why
Did you try out Bride of the century or God’s gift?


Loved this older music video from 2012. didnt even know Ahn Jae hyun was in it!!!


I saw it finally! awwwww…YES YES !!! :smiley:


just tried Bride of the Century today…it’s ok…but not as good for sure


Lol me too. I kept replaying this scene again and again =))))


Well . Then it’s a matter of taste. Cause i really liked bride of the century


Bride of the Century I’d be amazed if you weren’t hooked by ep 2 :stuck_out_tongue: got a bit of everything…romance, mystery, and comedy…it’s my current fav right now
Cunning Single Lady or Emergency Couple both deal with divorced couples brought back together
God’s Gift this one is just WOW have the tissue box right beside you this one deals with the murder of a 9yr old daughter and a mother’s battle to go back in time to save her no matter what the cost…this usually isn’t my type of drama but a friend is subbing it so I was intrigued I was completely hooked by ep1 the acting is just above and beyond she makes it feel so real…so be prepared to cry like you’ve never cried before but the story is so good it’s worth it!!


BoTC some ppl have found they have to watch up to ep 2-3 to be hooked by ep 4 everyone has pretty must been counting down the days for the next release but does deal with the supernatural so those can be hit or miss for ppl :slight_smile:


ahh, now im tempted to watch “God’s gift” and “cunning single lady” because of you xD gah… i hope MIMI will end alright… T.T i havent watched the 3rd episode yet.


Waeeee can’t I bring you to watch bride of the century :frowning:
Watch God’s gift !! Amazing drama

I watched MIMI and well I don’t think it will be an ending we are hoping to be :’(


YUSH jump on the bandwagon!! :stuck_out_tongue: I will attempt to watch Mimi again is it any less confusing now??


yes T.T i think the same D.X damn, not another one!!! waaaaaaaaaahhhhh x.o

ahh, well, im actually just trying to finish mimi since its only 2 episodes left, and then i will stay away from any other ghost stuff since i didnt know that mimi had that… since i learned something in my personal belief’s that im now going to stay away from anything supernatural like ghosts and stuff. just my personal choice :slight_smile: but i think sooner or later after i will probably watch God’s gift down the line! :wink: and cunning single lady

i just dont wanna cryyy!!!

LOL but i think i should watch lots of depressing stuff to get stronger at these things cuz im a little weak HAHA
@melliebean_2 ummm, i actually dont know how to answer that one LOL

its still sorta confusing, but i like the mysteriousness of it! it does go on to show more of the story but it looks like its gonna be DEPRESSING and have a sad end T.T but when i watch the 3rd episode, ill know for sure hopefully whats gonna happen.


I know I know…

okay just wanted to try again but okay I respect your choice sweetie :slight_smile: Buuuut definitely watch God’s gift haha


haha will do soon xD i LOVE lee bo young ever since “i hear your voice”

she’s so pretty O.O like seriously pretty hahaha

do you guys know she’s married to the guy from protect the boss? they are soo cute together!!!

(but after i watched i hear your voice, i was kinda bummed that she wasnt marrying lee jong suk LOL because if he wouldve married anyone, i wouldve not minded if it was her lol… they ruined it for me cuz as soon as i finished the drama, i heard she was getting married, and it kind of ruined the romantic finish for me on that one HAHAH)

anyways, this couple is soo cute! theyre a beautiful couple, very good looking and i wish them the best


I’m so obsessed with this drama right now. I keep listening to the OST the whole day and can’t get enough of it. MLFTS is clearly the best Korean drama I’ve seen so far (I haven’t watched many dramas though).

It’s not really the handsome actor I’m in love with but rather the character he portraited and the way he acted. In my opinion Kim Soo Hyun is an amazing actor.

And Gianna Jun is great as well. She’s hilarious to watch and every inch of her is simply classy.

Does anyone know another drama that can keep up with MLFTS?


she is married !?


you didn’t know? She married the actor Ji Sung last year in September : )


yesss xD its very cute