***My Love From the Star***


OHHHHHHHHHHHHH my GOD this song made me cry when i watched him perform this T.T my favorite song ever on dream high T.T i remember that moment


me when he’s going to the crowd : omgomgomgomg!

me when i see him walk towards suzy: OMGOMOGMGOKFNKDHFNSDBFMGBSDDFMGSM


BTW did you recognized his voice while watching METS ? He is singing a song for the drama


AHH rlly?! i dont remember which song it was… !


btw u do NOT want to watch the above clip hahaha spoilersss will happen xD it will show u the ending


Still listening to it like crazy lol


OMG hes too good. he’s got the great voice, face AAAHHH!! wow, it sounds like him, and then it doesnt xD i love him thanks for sharing, i forgot u told me this before.

hes GOT to stop jumping on ppl HAHAHA

beautiful songgg mustaddtoipodmustaddtoipodmustaddtoipodmustaddtoipod


Ditto. You have good taste. (y)


OMG I know this song somehow!!
Never realized it’s from MITS though i have it on my phone xD


Hehe yes because I sent you this song haha


Hahahahahha ohhh right!!!
I was wondering how it got to my phone xD


My sweet Fish head haha :heart:


Hahahahahha that should seriously become my nickname xD


Hahahahahaha no problem. You have a new name on my phone already hehe


Hahahahaha i gotta see that xD




Lol. I was the same!!! :smiley: These cuts picture it so well. lol


Does anyone have any drama recommendations? I have no idea what to watch after MLFTS is over. Seems like nothing else will compare now!


I have no mood of watching any drama now the MLFTS is finished. : (
Withdrawal syndrome… LOL

But, really, this drama has put the bar really high for other dramas now.


God’s gift
Bride of the century
Cunning single lady
Very good dramas!

I need romance 3
Let’s eat


I really loved MLFTS as much as you did , the chemistry the acting the story everything was perfect.

But I think there are a lot of new dramas that are good as well so I am trying to get over MLFTS . Like God’s gift where the acting is just awesome. Or bride of the century.