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I don’t think there will be season 2. Didn’t Kim Soo Hyun say that he wants to leave for a while because of military service? And Gianna Jun also wants to take a break from filming. So without the 2 lead actors (who are clearly one of the reasons why we love this drama so much) I don’t think they would be brave enough to make another season.

But I heard the rumor that there will be a movie! Is it true?


We will have our couple together again!! Wohooo :smiley:

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Did I leave anyone?:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! xD ahh they so cute x) looking foward to the cf



I feel like this:


ROFL!!! That’s hilarious!!! I’m still laughing 2 minutes later…


If they had a season 2 that would kill it, because the original was so good.


Bride of the century helped me get over my MLFTS withdrawal. I was surprised how fast and easy I got hooked.




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BTS of the last kissing scene - fan sighting pics and vids. Have you girls seen these yet?
I officially faint after seeing this…


What’s BTS mean?


Behind The Scenes.

Basically it’s what happened on filming set and not what we saw on the show.


yea me too… i can’t help but looking at the picture over and over and laugh!!


AWWW can i squeal and scream now!!!

seriously, how cute can they be?? xD thanks for this!


AAAWWWW !! I wish it’s with me [imagination too high]


Ahhh I am so angry right now I wanna order!!! but i have no credit card now!!! Ahh the wait:/



Cuteness OVERLOAD!!! Ahhhh I just love these two!!


I love how they smiled to each other while waiting…


YES!! Exactly… that’s where you see how cute they look and how good their relationship is!!


HEE hee hee SO TRUE!


i know what you mean. i’m trying to stay away from ghost stuff too due to my personal beliefs. i struggled with master’s sun for that reason