***My Love From the Star***



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Our babies aren’t leaving


Yeyyyyyy we get to see their work for an extra year or two :smiley:

** Happy Dance* *



I can finally breath, my Drama life won’t end abruptly.


LOL in that second pic she has a funny “side look” Like she’s thinking: “Must. Not. Enjoy. This. Too. Much. HubbyIsWatching…”


You forgot Me


Ahhh I’m sooo sorry!!
That’s the studying effect Lol
I haven’t seen you around much lately as well x.x


Is it possible that we’ll have a sequel??? I found this pic but I’m not sure…

There are some rumors that this is from the coming movie.


Okay what is this :0 wow she looks gorgeous

Could it be photoshop ?


It could be fan made, but if it is true :smiley: That would be bl@@dy brilliant ^oo^


YEAAAYYY !! :smile:


GIRLS!!! It’s official!!!
I’ve pre-ordered the Director’s cut DVD on! (24% discount at the moment)

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thanks goodness. i always think of their gorgeous shiny locks that they will have to cut when they enter the military :confused:


Ahhh luckyy youu!!

It will be at least two weeks until i can do it:/
I hope i won’t be too late…:confused:


Lucky you haha


That looks really neat-from the time when he was a lawyer. He wouldn’t have known what she looked like as a child if they met like that. If there’s a movie with them, I’m definitely watching it-even if it has nothing to do with the drama.


I was really surprise when I read a article about My Love from the Star in a swiss magazine !!! It’s a economical magazine “Hebdo” and the article is about how korean products (food, cosmetics, smartphones, etc.) are famous because of Kim Soo Hyun :smiley:

It’s really funny and weird when your web world meets with your real world :slight_smile:


HAHAHA nan mais serieux??? j’vais acheter l’hebdo pour la première fois de ma vie j crois loool


Perso, je lis l’Hebdo uniquement quand je vais chez mes parents. Mon papa a accepté que je déchire la page mais j’imagine qu’il a dû me prendre pour une folle :wink:


This is way too funny, I felt the exact same way LOL


Have you guys seen the recap You Who Came From the Star The Beginning I don’t see it on here but I’m watching it on another site thought I’d mention it though for anyone else that miss it as much as me.