***My Love From the Star***


The whole success of this was due to the lead actor and actress they made it believable even though it was fantasy.
Both writer and director didn’t try to make him human and only her personality would ever accept him as he was.
A match made in the stars. Thanks for the memories.


I just finished watching this two days ago and I already miss it so much! Cheon Song Yi is my favorite female lead in a drama so far.


yes, thats why it wont ever be the same with other actors. they made the drama what it became, and it was amazing with them.

no prob! yes, made in the stars xD

i liked this pic that someone had posted of someone else who had drawn this amazing pic, i wouldve loved to see this in the drama!

i wouldve loved to see their wedding xD they shouldve made a special episode of their wedding, and kids? maybe xD


I wish they would make a sequel. Or make another drama with them as leads. But k-dramaland hardly reunite leads straight away…
Although, JJH did say to KSH, “Let’s work together again!” fingers cross!

KSH is so cute when he said his thanks to everyone. And the last sentence was the cutest ever!


Kim Soo Hyun’s speech was the cutest! Awww, he seems like a really nice and sweet guy.



That’s gonna be weird. Do Manager not being Kim Soo Hyun.

He and the actress who played Cheon Song Yi should at least make a cameo on that american remake!


tell me about it. :confused: i will watch it tho to see what monstrosity they make of it, then cringe and turn it off later xD

omg euhwjfrhehfhf thats the best idea ever! you should write to them lol


Hopefully it won’t be necessary. But I just might! haha


Oh I will not watch any remake I couldn’t bear the memories of my enjoyment of this wonderful drama and the great cast being spoiled.


yesss i know! its like “awww they spoiled the image” :stuck_out_tongue: :disappointed_relieved:

there cant be another do min joon or jjh


I just cringed at the memory of …forgot the name, the American remake of BOF. I won’t say more. >.


Kim Soo Hyun named richest K-drama actor:


HAHA truuue, i can’t find any flaws on his face lmaooo this girl is handsome!!!


I really like this drama. The main characters were endearing and had their own funny quirks to their personalities.


I also Like this Drama and is one of my topmost favorite one. I have already seen it many time and i don not even remember its number of watch. You can never get tired by seeing this drama one time in every month. Those of you who still doesn’t see it must watch it. Its really so good.


I also love this drama a lot.