***My Love From the Star***


I really loved this drama, the two leads were wonderful. I think the writer fell into the trap of trying to give the fans a happy ending which of course was not possible. I thought about how I would bring their story to a conclusion, have you? as we both have the same criticism?


For me, the ending was to my satisfaction. It was not a rush kinda ending using an excuse that they had not enough time to wrap everything - by the way, do you guys know that this drama was actually extended from 20 to 21 episodes because the viewers demanded it at that time?
So they had plenty of time.

Yes, they can’t be together forever never ever be separated again, but if you watched what Song Yi said at the end, you could see that she is content with what they have. And that (being content) is realistic - if I could use ‘realistic’ for an unreal-fiction drama.
It’s a beautiful ending - for them.


Totally agree !! I remember back then we all watched it “together” (lol) and the end was perfect in my opinion. Let’s leave the fairy tail endings out of kdramas. At least this one wouldn’t be as great as it was for me without that kind of ending. Especially the Epilogue made it just perfect and sweet. I miss thisss


Yeah I really loved the ending for this one I even got my husband to rewatch it with me. The writer really drove home how precious time with loved ones is how you never know when it will be the last time you see each other and that in today’s busy society we take that for granted. I always make a point now to always end each phone call with those close to me with I love you. Or when I or someone leaves to say bye take care I love you. Because what if that was the last chance I had.


Ah yes… I miss those time when we were being crazy over week and week waiting for the next episodes hahahahaha


I just read that they are making an American version of My Love From the Star. And the Author who wrote it will be one of the active directors. I’m so excited :smiley:


Honestly I’m not really excited with anything Asian (K-drama for this case) to be remade into American version. It’s just because the American dramas/series just sexualising almost everything they can put their hands on. Different culture will bring different point of view and values too.
Well, I hope Park Ji Eun can really help them to make a good version of this drama.
But really, can “Cheon Song Yi” NOT become “Lark”??? Sigh.


Yeah another fave of mine in a crisis of being destroyed look what they did to Boys Over Flowers shudders… I will check it out but I’m expecting it to turn out to be ONE HOT MESS

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HAHAHA the shudders killed me cuz i agree x.D i dropped that 1 after 1 minute and never looked back. i do NOT regret my decision.


Oh for sure they’ll mess it up. Anyway where would they find two leads to do it as well?


exactly. no one can beat kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun

nobody can beat that unbeatable chemistry xD


Now i miss this show T_T


Well, to be fair, that Hana Yori Dango American version was made by some people who called themselves professional but didn’t take any responsibility for any mistakes we could see on the episodes - instead, blaming it on their lightmen, cameramen, editors and such. It’s a pilot project for them with a very low budget. Granted, even the first Hana Yori Dango version ever which called ‘Meteor Garden’ - the Taiwanese version - was made with a low budget too but they could pulled it off and the drama became very very veeeeerrryyy popular in Asia, not just in Taiwan.



Me too :frowning:


Meteor Garden was the very first drama I ever saw it was a complete fluke I was looking for the anime and it popped up I was what is LA?? live action huh what’s that click…addicted ever since…


me too xD i miss her so much being crazy and anticipating for it every week.


Hey, dud everyone hear about the remake American verison they are going to make of My Love from the Stars? Do you think it will be an okay drama?


I think my biggest worry for the remake is the cultural differences.


Ah those pictures make me nostalgic for that wonderful drama. I just loved these two. Real pros. This and ‘It’s ok’ best ever dramas.


haha i know right? i feel like rewatching it, there are so many dramas i want to rewatch, and this is def. one of them. and that fly in the air beautiful kiss? i still remember that moment in the drama. it was truly beautiful.