Mystic 9

are there 2 dramas by this name? they both are chinese and all, but quite different too. the one I was watching was set in early 1900’s this one set in the now time period. (ww1 0r 2, japanese type take over)

the first one is a fantastic mystery.(to start, a train with dead people) I havent started this one here on viki yet. but also looks interesting.

This is where is gets really confusing, so bear with me… The Mystic Nine, which you can’t find on Viki, is actually the prequel to The Lost Tomb, which you can find on Viki. The Mystic Nice Tetralogy, also on Viki, is actually a spin-off, a side story to The Mystic Nine, focusing on the origins of the four main protagonists. There is also supposed to be a second season to The Lost Tomb, but there is so much mystery behind the series that it really is difficult to make heads or tails of it…

Others are much more knowledgeable, so if you want to know more, go here:


ok! now that makes sense! I did see the second one advertised, not sure it was DF, maybe you tube -drama mania- I will look it up. I tried to watch that I honestly don’t know where I seen it!, now which one should I start with , so mystery and intrigue, awesome! I will look that up today ( how about candle in the tomb? -DF) this may be the one you are looking for

yes a mystery I plan to watch all of them

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@frustratedwriter What do you write?

It’s not related, though, but feel free to add it to your watchlist, of course.
Well, The Mystic Nice Tetralogy and then The Lost Tomb would be the logical step since they are right here on Viki. :slight_smile:

adrianmorales, mysteries, and yes I started with the series here the mystic nice tetraology

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Oh, interesting… Have you posted or published any of your stories? I would love to read them. :slight_smile:
I, too, enjoy writing in the form of poems and short stories. If you want to know more:

have to admit they are gathering dust. would love to read yours too, I also am on facebook, you can find me looking like researching , got a magnifying glass and all.
yes I also am a genealogis\t

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@foreverfrustrated … Is that you ?

Mostly as @adrianmorales said, The Mystic Nine (DF) is the prequel of the Lost Tomb and the Mystic Nine Tetralogy (the one here on viki) is a side story of the Mystic Nine drama.
All are actually pretty good. I usually go back to watch all Zhao Li Ying scenes of The Mystic Nine since she and William Chan had such a great chemistry there, and she was really funny as the sassy fiance! :grin:

I was shocked the other day that I saw it was available at DF :slight_smile:


me too and those subs need some editing, I saw even the italics wrongly coded so that you could see the
< i > characters it was so annoying…

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Wow seriously? I haven’t seen that but I do see that they used different names, I got used to the older subtitled names, not a big deal but still…