Navigation bar jumping forward?!


I’m experiencing problems while segmenting. I use flash player( in html5 player doesn’t load).
The navigation bar jumps forward! Happens several times(actually a lot!).

When segmenting it suddenly jumps forward then I have to go back again and again. I tried to reload the page but it continues happening.
This situation makes me take more time. To be honest I’m getting a little frustrated. T.T

Am I the only one with this problem?

  • Thank you!! ^^


Are you segmenting a dailymotion video? I’ve had the same problem with them. The shortcuts doesn’t seem to work neither. Well, that’s my experience… ^^ Sorry if I’m not being of much help. Just to let you know you’re not alone =)

It’s ok. =))
No, is not a dailymotion video. I think Viki is the uploader.
I’ve been struggling a lot because of this bar problem. Didn’t send anything to Viki cause I thought it was happening just to me. Thanks for letting me know. ^^

Hi Suvii02, if you’re still having problems in the segment timer, you can submit a report in the help center and we’ll help you!