NCT is looking for a team! (Language Mods, Subtitlers, & Segmenters) :)

Hello, everyone! I was just notified that my channel for NCT (Neo Culture Technology) has been approved! I am recruiting for ALL positions except editors. If you would like to join us fangirls (ME), please let me know. :joy:

Channel -

My profile -

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Hi. If you are looking for a portuguese or english moderator, I can help.

@rcoo Hello! I added you as a Portuguese subtitler because you are new to subbing, and I would like you to have some experience before becoming a moderator. Thank you for your interest in the group. :blush:

You are welcome. Yes I still dont know how this works really well but I will do my best. Thanks for adding me.

@rcoo You’re so welcome!

I can translate in Spanish! Let me know if you need someone.
Thanks :slight_smile:

@park_min98 Hello! I looked at your profile, and I see that you are a QC with over 3k contributions. Would you like to be the Spanish moderator? I’m trying to give people chances to be a moderator. :wink:

Thanks, it’s a pleasure !

@park_min98 You’re welcome! Thank you for joining the team. :relaxed:

Hi! If you still need a spanish subtitling, I can do it

@valeria_mchr Hello! Please contact our Spanish moderator park_min98. :relieved:

Hi, I can translate from english to french ! Contact me when you can :smile:
Thanks !

Hello, i’m a (big) fan of NCT too!
I am new and if you need a english/french translater
I can help you.

I will add you as a French subtitler. Thank you for your interest in helping our team. :slight_smile:

Hi there! I love NCT a lot :smile: and would be delighted to work on this channel if you still need the help :slight_smile: I would be interested in subbing from english-spanish if you still need it! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello! If you are still looking for subtitlers I’m intrested to translate subtitles from english to polish! Let me know if there is any chance to help :blush:

Love NCT<3 I could be a Swedish subtitler and moderator :slight_smile:

Hello! Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

Please talk to , our Spanish moderator.


Please contact , our Polish moderator. :slight_smile:

I’ll add you as our Swedish mod. :grinning:

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