Need a project

i want to know if anyone need me for subtitling for english to indonesian… just let me know… i wanted to do a k drama… but i just need a project… please :smile:
or maybe anyone want to recommend ???
just send me a message…

You can translate Stolen Moments :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley: are u the channel manager from that show?

Why don’t you just look for a show that you’re interested in helping with? Check the channel wall to see if there’s an Indonesian moderator and message them to ask about helping. Or if there isn’t an Indonesian mod, message the manager.

FYI though, a bunch of K-dramas are only licensed for Americas and QCs, so if you’re not in America, you may be out of luck working on those for now.

Don’t have a K-drama for you, but if you’re interested in Taiwanese dramas at all (maybe to help get you to QC status?), The Pursuit of Happiness just started recently. Indonesian mod is julievilla if you’d like to help.