Need a team asap! seggers & subbers!

I really need a team ASAP!
I have Telenovela called Torrent Of Passions that needs to be segment and subtitle! (Link to the page)
I need Spanish-English subbers.
Segmenters with at least some experiences in segmenting.
Moderates for any other languages.
Viki community has also ask for some French subbers to subtitle into French because they will begin launching a new French community, so if anyone knows and French subtitles as well please let them know about this project.
Go ahead and spread the word to any other volunteers as well, please.
You can PM me:
or leave a message here.
I look forward to welcoming you to the team!
Take care!

I’ll try my best to help with the French subs if there’s English translation. I have decent fluency in French but I don’t speak Spanish.

That would be awesome! I will add you onto the team and once the English subs are up I will message you to let you know! Thank You and Welcome onto the team. :smile:

If anybody knows someone that is looking for a project and knows how to sub from Spanish to English can you please let them know that the CM of Torrent of Passion is looking for subbers & segmenters too!
You can PM me or reply here.
Thank you.

Oh I can transelate in german! :smile:

I can translate into Portuguese .