Need help with Parade and More (Viki Pass exclusive J-movie)

Hi everyone!

We need help with a new Viki Pass exclusive channel Parade.
Could you start working on it?

It is a Japanese movie with Tatsuya Fujiwara (starred in Death Note) in it, based on an award-winning novel.

We are planning to give the Japan Launch badge to those who worked on the segments / subtitles for this title :slight_smile:


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I’ll be happy to help segment… the link is not active though.

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I would like to help to segment, let me know If I can help

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Happy to help with segmenting - but the link is not working…


Thank you for your interest!
Sorry the link isn’t working, we’re working on fixing it. I will get back to you :slight_smile:

That’s weird… this post withdrawn by author… my avatar is on it, but I did not write that post,. o.O

the link is working now

Hey guys!!

Just letting you know that I am the channel manager let me know who’s interested via PM as I don’t always check the discussions…

thank you

The movie is now Segged!!

We are now recruiting experienced Japanese to English subbers!!

Let me know if you are interested…
PM me or LeoGregory to join the team!

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@yuriality I like to collect badges on Viki and I was wondering if I also get this badge if I sub from English to Dutch for this movie? I was once told this badge would be for Japanese subbers only so that’s why I ask =)

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Also curious if this badge will be available on other shows/movies?

Hi, I wil like to help with Spanish Subtitles and Moderate Spanish team if is needed. Thank you!

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Japan Launch badge is for the Japanese subtitlers for the Japan Launch, but for this movie we are giving it out to those who will be listed in the Top Subtitlers section. So it will apply to Dutch subtitlers too :slight_smile:

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So segmenters won’t get it??? :frowning:

It will be given to the top subtitlers and segmenters!!

So @auroratasya don’t worry dear we will get it :wink:


Sorry for the confusion, this applies to both segmenters and subtitlers. So segmenters will get it too.


Ok thank you =)

Yaaay! Thank you :wink:

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When will the Japan Launch badge appear on our profile? My teammates and I are extremely anxious and excited to see it on our profile.

Will our editors receive the badge too? Because Editors are very important to provide accurate corrections to grammar, punctuation, and so forth to flavor the drama. I think without them… subs can potentially end up lost in translation like this feature article in Viki’s February 2014 blog.

Lost in Translation: 11 Epic Subtitle Fails

Posted by Victoria A. Holliday at Sunday, February 16, 2014


LOL Amy thank you for posting this I’m laughing so hard! lol totally true editors are the key!

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