Need help with seaweed that goes in rice

On Youn’s Kitchen 2 they keep putting green rectangular seaweed sheets in with the rice before they cook it in the rice cooker. I think they put 3-5 sheets in a big thing of rice for maybe 8-10 servings. Does anyone know what that seaweed would be? I never hear them say the name of it. I make rice a LOT I’d like to try it. The only seaweed I know of is Nori. Could it be that? It looks dark green or brown. I’m pretty sure it’s not red.

I’ve tried googling but it just keeps showing me sushi rolls. :slight_smile:

Also do you think you do put it in there before it is cooked? I think that is what they are doing but not totally sure.

Thank you.

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I think I’ve met the word while subbing, but I’m not sure of it, so can you tell me which episode and which timing?
Like we have to hear what they’re saying.

Main types of kelp in Korean cuisine:

Dashima/dasima? (the one I heard in one ep)
It’s brown dried kelp.

And miyeok/miyuk (the one in seaweed soup)

Edit : and gim (green seaweed in gimbap)

While subbing, we made a list of words we could find, including Korean food:

sogogi bibimbap
yachae bibimbap
hotteok / hodduk
kimchi jeon
hoppang / red bean bread

Other general cooking words met on the show:

a broth
cilantro / coriander
appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.
corn syrup
food plating / to plate
to blanch
egg sheet
to brown
garlic chips
table mats
place mats
julienned carrots
hotteok presser
kimchi fried rice
stove top
cafe solo (Spanish)

I think there's only 1 dish with seaweed in YK2, it's bibimbap. And in bibimbap, they normally use sheets of seaweeds. And from my pov, sheets of seaweeds are made so we don't need to cook them again, it's already ready to use/eat. I'm not sure if they put seaweeds sheets while cooking rice though, I don't remember subbing one part like this, but maybe in other parts that I haven't subbed, they did?

In other shows I watched, I saw them make bibimbap by adding dried seaweeds sheets at the end (like when they put all veggies and stuff). And then, they mix everything (I’ve tried to do the same with sheets and hot rice, tearing them and mixing them, seaweed is all soft and the smell is blending with rice, but still strong smell!)

If it’s in form of sheets, I don’t think it’s a good idea to put them in the rice cooker, because you cook the rice for about 20-40 minutes, I don’t know if sheets cooking time is the same + same temperature or they can become mushy?
Or maybe try with dried seaweeds but not in the form of sheets? I’ve never tried but from internet, I understand that most of dried seaweeds are soaked in water for about 10 minutes. So putting them in the rice cooker at the same T°+time as rice, Idk.

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You are aware of my Korean resource spreadsheet, right? It includes a sheet about food with description of each one and English translation.


NOO I’m not aware, how come??
I’ve never seen this sheet…
It’s good that you sent this :slight_smile: Thanks, Irmar :slight_smile:


Go to Youn’s Kitchen 2. Episode 4.

Youn’s Kitchen 2 link

Forward to 49:20

You will see Jung Yu Mi washing rice and then putting this seaweed on top of the rice. I’m pretty sure that’s the rice cooker bowl and it appears to be uncooked. Like she cooks it with the seaweed in it.

Hey, thanks for all the cool information. I will post this and then look at all this info more carefully! Thanks so much!!

PS. I just think Yu Mi is so adorable and sweet.
PPS. WAIT I just realized she says the name here. Dashima? Ahh, it’s the first one you suggested! Of course NOW I see it. But I’d still like to know what anyone knows about it. And you’ve given an info link too. You rock!

Oh wow that sheet is awesome!! Saved!! :yum:

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And I also still really want to know if she is putting the dashima in before cooking in the rice cooker. What do you think?

Other parts where she uses it.

Episode 2 39:70 Watch for a few minutes until she uses the rice cooker.

Episode 3 49:24

It appears they also make a broth with the seaweed and anchovies, strain it and then I think puts it in the rice cooker to make the rice. And then maybe she also puts a few pieces on top in the rice cooker.

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Thanks for the timing! I could check the scene and you’re right! She put like 2 sheets inside the rice cooker with the rice (it’s before cooking, I can see the water still inside. They add it to the water of the rice to have the smell/flavour impregnate the rice while cooking, I guess?).

They say:
How to wash rice well
We are not making the broth today.
I’m just adding the dashima into the rice.

In Ep 1 at 45:15 and precisely at 46:45:

They normally don’t do it like that for the bibimbap:
In episode 1, they do a seaweed broth with dashima + anchovies in a pot.
They wash the rice.
Then, they just take the broth (seems like 1 cup of liquid) and they mix it with the water to cook the rice in the rice cooker.

From Ep 4:
They decided not to do the broth anymore (easier that way and faster):
36:41We don’t need to make the broth for the rice.
- I agree, there’s no meaning to it.
- Yeah, no meaning.

No more broth for the rice from now on.

Lol, they are all on my profile page. A medical one as well.
Under my projects, so it takes some scrolling…:slight_smile:


Ahh, you are right! So that must be their shortcut method. This all makes sense now. I bought anchovies yesterday and when I can get some dashima I’m going to try both methods.

Thanks, that explains it entirely. They found there were many vegetarians and it would be better to make plain rice without the broth & like you said it would be much faster. I really enjoyed all your answers - they were really insightful. Thank you so much.

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Why, oh why?? I’m discovering your ressources too late, Irmar!

Anna and I would have needed this list last year (last year = medical frenzy for both of us and young Ji Sung, how could we not be tempted?). But it’s all good, we have a long long long list of medical terms in link to the drama.
I think the disadvantage of having a list made by someone else is = either we don’t look at it (discouraging), either you don’t understand or remember some words.
Looking for a word by ourself, appropriating the word, make our own list => they help to memorize it, integrate it and understand it fully, why this word and not another one.
Just looking for the word, it’s a good reflex.

I see you watched the whole scene :slight_smile:
About vegan/vegetarian, I forgot in which type of nutrition they don’t eat eggs and fish too?

If you’re interested in Korean cooking (and not only Korean), they have some more shows in Viki, but it’s not in the same format than Youn’s Kitchen 2, it’s mini videos (some with ASMR, so relaxing sounds).
See what can interest you:

These are recipes that anyone can try at home.

There are other shows too, but I haven’t watched them or participated in them.
Try tags: Food cooking, food

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Doesn’t eat any animal that was moving and breathing, including fish and seafood) but yes to milk and eggs because you don’t kill the animal to get it. (no to fish eggs, because they can’t be taken without killing the fish). No gelatin because it comes from bones.
However, out of concern for animal raising conditions, they try to eat only free-range eggs and organic milk, if their finances allow.
They do wear wool because you don’t kill the animal to get it, but they don’t wear leather because it comes from a killed animal and is a by product of the meat industry. And of course no fur since in that case the animal was killed just because of it.
Honey yes, because you don’t kill the bees.

Doesn’t eat any animal but also not eggs and dairy.
Also nothing that makes animals’ life miserable or is a by-product of animal cruelty, such as raising cows for milk or chicken for eggs, especially since the same cows and chicken will also be killed for food afterwards.
Also no animal products such as wool (cruelty to sheep) and of course leather, which is a by-product of killing the animals for food, thus supports the meat industry.
Honey no, since you destroy the bees’ house or you raise them in an unnatural environment, and you take off all their queen’s food.
They also don’t eat white sugar and don’t use bone china.

If you eat fish, you are neither a vegetarian nor a vegan.


That was an interesting google search. :open_mouth:

Yeah, as I said, we vegetarians don’t consider pescetarians any different than meat eaters.
Fish are live animals which are killed cruelly by suffocation.
If you have watched ANY cooking show, you must have seen how they boil crustaceans alive (keeping the lid forcefully down so that the lobster doesn’t escape, or chop them up alive. It was there in Wok of Love, and now I’m watching Gourmet, where I had to scroll down and hide most of the screen in some scenes.
I wish I could turn vegan, but a life without mozzarella and parmesan is not something that I’m ready to embrace.

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Irmar, I know what you mean about those scenes Irmar. It’s always horrifying to suddenly see them about to murder something after some really sweet scene. I can’t watch and wish it wasn’t even there.

I’ve been considering having a small amount of fish only because I have a really hard time keeping weight on and get run down. Other than that I am vegan. I mean I really have been vegan for the last year. I can’t have dairy, it gives me nightmares. Eggs make me really sick and I can’t eat them anyway for other reasons. Probably I won’t end up eating fish either. But I’ve been experimenting with Asian spices and cooking. I want to try making kimchi too but I’ve been scared to try. After watching Jewel in the Palace I really want to learn about traditional healing and Korean herbs and vegetables.

Piranna, thanks so much for all the suggestions. I’ll look at all of those. I learned a lot from Youn’s kitchen especially the way they did show them in a lot of detail making and talking about the foods. It made me a lot more confident to try making a few of them - only probably a little modified depending on what I can/can’t eat and what I can get in the midwest USA.

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What I always say is that each little step counts. Each person can do what they can do. Even if it’s a small step, it’s still good.
To make another example… Sometimes I’m told “You won’t solve the stray problem by feeding just two or three cats on the corner of your house”. I know. Of course it’s almost nothing compared to all the need. Still those two or three (who are fed and may live longer because of me, a life when, whatever the day was, at night they don’t go to sleep on an empty stomach) is a little something; and if each person did a little something, that would be good. Not everyone can be a hero and leave everything else to devote his or her life to a cause. But it’s still much better than those who do nothing because they are discouraged for not being able to go the whole way.

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I’m sitting here crying having read this. I can’t even explain right now but this has touched me more than you know and was the exact thing I needed to read just now. I was already curled up on the floor crying just before reading this because I keep trying really hard to do things - things to help the world - but people around me even family member who knew me all my life don’t understand. They think I’m crazy. And I felt so defeated and tired, not that I would have stopped doing things but I felt really all alone with it today. I came on here and read this and now I’m crying but in a good way. Seriously bless you for writing that. I’m pretty sure I was meant to read it just now. :slight_smile:

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Scared of making kimchi? XD You know that you’ll be the one to eat kimchi and not the contrary, right?
If you fail making kimchi, you can always begin again. I have bad experiences in cooking but overall, it was fun and great memories! Cookies like stones, crispy rice (or uncooked?), but you have sometimes surprises and turn a caramel sauce into delicious caramel candies :slight_smile:

Living in Asian families is not the same than living in western families because of, not rules, but traditions, a different culture.

I’m curious, what type of things do you do to make people around you think you’re crazy?

Be kind to you and do yourself a favor: take a breath and take a break.
Sometimes, you need to take a break, from people around you, from the world, from your friends and be in your own haven of peace. When I’m tired of everything or have the blues, I just take a moment for myself and listen to music or I just read, I just sleep, I just look at some old recorded videos during holidays or look at some happy pictures or I just go out with family knowing they won’t bug me on some matters. I know that some people cry, write or draw or dance or do a creative work or do some sports, either it can help you focus on something else or either it helps you put into words / moves / tears what you can’t say out loud and that wants to get out.

You know, each of us had sad moments. But as time goes by, you forgot or you learn to live with it or you heal, even from breakup, even from death of a relative, even from difficult moments you live. Life goes on.

When I was studying music, my teacher at this time asked us:
If you fall on the ground, would you stay in the middle of the street forever?
Then he says, “No, you get up and you continue your way. In music or in life, it’s the same.”
There’s a time when you’ll get up or someone or people around you will help you get up so you can keep on walking.

There are many ways to help the world or to help people around you, you don’t need to go far away, giving some directions to someone, give your seat to an old lady, give some food to stray cats or some biscuits to homeless people, visiting someone at the hospital, listening to someone, healing someone, playing with children and put a smile on someone’s face, teaching / educate people so they’ll help the world in turn. Or you can go far away. There’s also the bad help, burdening someone.

A long time ago, I saw a documentary on Mother Theresa at school. After watching it, it made me think (other than “Wow, this woman was something!”):
If you really want to help the world, you have to become stronger yourself if you want to give strength to people around you.

I want to believe that we have the choice between being sad until the end of our life or use this time to be/become happy. It’s up to us!