Need kor-eng translators for a couple of missing lines for special investigation team[SOLVED]

In Special Investigation Team in episode 12 we have some missing lines.
Particularly in part 2: Missing subtitles in segments 11:22…12:23…12: 27…13:03
Part 4: Missing subtitle in segment 40:45
Part 6: Missing subtitles in segments 52:39… 52:44
I would appreciate if anyone kor-eng translator would give a little of his/her time to check the corresponding lines and help us with their translation.
Thank you very much in advance

I am just replying to help it appear at the top of the conversation in order more eyes can actually see it. Thank you in advance for your help.

we still need help with those. thank you. I hope you had a great Christmas Day.

We lack just a few subtitles having Special Investigation Team completed. The subtitles are in episode 11. I’m leaving it unlocked in case anyone can get in and have a go at the following:

Part 2: 11:22…12:23…12: 27…13:03
Part 4: 40:45
Part 6: 52:39… 52:44
thank you in advance