Need subbers

Need subbers all language for the larkon “secret of a superstar”.
Thanks ro PM me if you are interested. Thanks.

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hi there! i can help in spanish team :slight_smile:

I can do Portuguese.

I can do German if you want

I can translate Korean to English here!!

I can help with the spanish team!

I can help for french :slight_smile:

I can translate from English to Tagalog! : )

Sorry i just see your answer so it’s ok and welcome to the team

Me too, English to Spanish!

Hi sheena,

I can translate from English to Vietnamese.

Ok. welcome to the team.

Hi.! I can translate English to Spanish! if there is still chance I’m here, thanks.!

sorry to answer just now. It’s ok. Welcome to the team. Start when you want.

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I need a help for subbing from English to Indonesia. Let me know if anyone wants to volunteer :smiley:

ok thanks. Welcome to the team

I can help with the Dutch subtitles

Hi there!
i’m currently looking for moderators and subbers. in any idiom. for this channel
-Xiaoju’s Spring.
and subber from english to spanish for thuis series.
-The Grimm’s Finest Fairy Tales :frowning:
please send a Pm if you’r interested


I can translate from Eng to Bahasa. Let me know if I can help you.

@cybermoon, ofcourse you can help me.
I’ve already added you as subtitler.
Ep 1-10 are completed. You can start to help me from Ep. 11 and so on.