New "Categories" unsuitable for medium and small languages

Medium languages do not get to translate all the dramas on Viki.

Small languages do not have the chance to translate even half of the available dramas.

So, the only way a viewer can tell if they can watch a drama is if they sort based on Subtitles for a specific language.

This option has now been removed at the expense of all other languages asides from English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

How is that even remotely fair?



You could openly write this at the help center, do you mind doing that we could upvote it there, and there is staff and viewers who might see it too.


Wait what option?

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I simply hated the new layout. Is hard to find anything now. There’s no way to filter by language, movies, new and the coming soon. I feel blind and it’s a terrible feeling.


I thought it was just a problem with mine. The new layout didn’t look good, I’m having to look at the “Coming Soon” projects through the project finder.
They could have asked the community about this layout, to see what the community thinks about this feature! Honestly it’s getting in the way!!

The old one is much better!!


Viki has so many good suggestions to use and improve the site and tools, but over and over it choose to do changes that don´t help anyone, only make our lives more difficult.