New design Viki site, live?


Hi Guys,

Has the new design of Viki gone live now?
I was still using the old design till now (since I preferred that),
but since I logged in today, I automatically got the new site and don’t see a way to go back to the old one.

So, has the design gone live now? Bye bye to the old design?


I have still the old design without beta banner and with new discussion board link. But the rest is like before (glad about that).

Do you use mobile or PC?


Hmmm weird.

I use PC :slight_smile:


me either
Seems like all on viki are only talking about the new design, but in reality it doesn’t exist :scream::scream::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It’s all an elaborate plan to trick you, Brenda :wink::joy:

Yes, even after a few hours, I still only see the new site :open_mouth:


They are imitating Netflix’s website layout.
Use the link below if you like the retro design


I’m guessing you mean ‘‘permanent’’ not live.

Definition of ‘‘live’’ Merriam Webster Definition.
at the actual time of occurrence during, from, or at a live production the program was broadcast live.

I still have the old version as of today.


Unfortunately the new style is default for me. Black too. Ugh!
I hadn’t noticed until people pointed it out, because I have a bookmark to my own page on my browser and I never visit the homepage anyway.


The link doesn’t work for me. Oh well, thanks for trying :grin:

@angelight313_168 No, I meant ‘live’, it’s used a lot by my IT circle to describe when a website goes online. Guess I took it over :sweat_smile:


Cool. Learned a new one,:grinning: too


Did you try incognito mode? :wink:


Yesterday I had the new version but today I see the old version.
Something I really don’t like about the new version is that your watched history is shown right on the main page below the stream of recommanded and promoted dramas. That just should be kept away and not be visible on the main page where everyone just easily can see it.


That’s the main thing I liked about the new page layout rather than them offering me what’s popular in my region. I’d rather see what I know I like (i.e. watch history) in order to pick up where I left off.


Agree! I watch “on air” dramas, other dramas and variety shows while waiting for the on-air. I’d rather be able to go to the watched PAGE, so I can see everything than have them show RECENTLY watched on the front.


Did you try clicking on the crescent moon up by your avatar? Goes back and forth from day screen to night screen.


I wish Viki would spend less time on making things “pretty” (which usually aren’t) and spend more time fixing problems…such as the Review section and timed comments…both of which are now a joke. Fake reviews, sub-whining, low rating because it’s not in their area or language. And…speaking of that…the language in the timed comments is getting pretty foul and disgusting. Why doesn’t Viki spend some time enforcing their Terms of Use???


If I’m not mistaken, the CM or moderators take care of the timed comments, but yes, I don’t pay attention to the reviews and the timed comments are only fun in rare instances.


If only viewers would read them …


@ joongkijunkie

I was attacked by several here bc i requested they remove the review section since I always feel this is one of viki’s biggest failure. It seems they have no intention of removing it so that’s a loss case.

The time comments if I see them with foul language I close the thing and won’t look at it ever again. But I noticed is no longer ‘‘funny’’ and enjoyable like they used to be. I had so much fun back in the days (2013) just reading this hilarious comments I really miss those days. :disappointed_relieved:


The new design has been implemented for me as well, without a way to choose the old template.
Unfortunately they have not edit their bootstrap css so the font is way too big for larger screens such as a laptop which is what I use.
I have changed the resolution to 90% but 67% is better for the main page but too small for the actual video page so I’ll leave it at 90% for now. I hope more ppl will complaint about the size on larger screens so they fix it since it’s such an quick and easy edit to do.

The rest such as the messy layout I guess I’ll get use to. :slight_smile: