New design Viki site, live?

This new design is not good. The background color should be different instead of black. Also, watch history should not be on the main page. I prefer old one. Any way to go back to old layout.

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I agree with you. They have a feedback option if you don’t like the new design you can say it there, and they take it into account. Yeah, right? They do whatever they want whether we like it or not. I also don’t like it but luckily I have so far the old version. Maybe bc on feedback I said I didn’t like it? (several times, too).

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@angelight313_168 Can you give me the link to the feedback option?

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The feedback option link shows when you click to see the new page design. But you can also go to the link below and write a post. Hope it helps. Good luck.

What new features or improvements you would like to see on Viki?

Coming back today and I now have the old layout again. Fingers crossed we get to keep it :smiley:


@ [stockholm_syndrome]

Can you believe I have the new layout in my page now? I don’t like this at all. Is someone doing things here as they please? After I write here that I had the old layout, all of a sudden I have the new layout and they want me to verify my e-mail to make the new layout permanent (i’m guessing).

I don’t like this one bit. They should let us keep what we want, and if we don’t want the new layout, it should be our option, too. The new layout is so d*mn big, it doesn’t show everything in the page. I won’t change the zoom bc is perfect when I do my subtitles I have no need to be changing my zoom back and forth. They need to leave my old layout, end of story. Hope yours stay put, and I’m happy for you…image

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oh man - they are playing with out emotions for sure lol

I guess they are testing and it might be buggy and not save ones preference or similar.
Even after changing the layout to fit my larger screen it still looks cluttered with rows that goes too far right. I can’t see anything that would be an improvement. None whatsoever. Only things I think was a bad choice. I find that strange - you’d expect something good.


@stockholm_syndrome @angelight313_168 First I had the new design, then the old design, then the new design and now the old design back again. It looks like Viki also is not sure of which to give :roll_eyes: I do hope I get to keep the old design, though.


I’ve been watching on a PC with Chrome and with the new layout, pages are taking a really long time to load. Also when you switch back out of full page mode, the entire page reloads, including the video which starts back up where you left off, even if you had it stopped, it will start up on it’s own. It’s been doing that for awhile now, even in the previous mode. But pages taking forever to load is something that just started with the new page format.

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Umm It’s annoying. Fonts are also too large. why can’t I go back to the old layout? Got no way to overcome this. Instead of making new design permanent for all, I think viki should give users the option of customization to set the front page as per own choice. They didn’t realise but it will cause a great damage to eyes if we keep watching in dark mode for a long time.

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The dark mode you can take it out by clicking on the 1/4 moon on the upper right side. I never leave it dark since I have vision problems and it strains my eyes too, when I use the dark screen option (although it does looks nicer) It wasn’t a wise change at all, what they did with those changes.

They do here whatever they want to do without FIRST getting feedback from the people here at the site. They have no consideration as to what viewers/volunteers request and only do as they please.


Thanks a lot. I clicked on 1/4 moon and the dark mode changed into white mode. But still fonts, pictures, banners etc are too large. Can’t we set screen size of our own? You said right. They should first take feedback from users before making any changes.

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@ crescent_bluemoon

All I read here is that some ppl. zoom the page at 67% but I don’t know if it will work for you. I haven’t try it yet, so I don’t really know if this info is correct.

I don’t want to change my zoom so I leave it at 100 all the time, and the page is too large for me, too. I can’t see some things in the main page either. Good Luck. I do hope they fix this issue or give us the old layout back to us.

But what do you use the main page for? I’m curious. I never visit it, only when people tell me there have been changes. I have a shortcut to my own dramas and to my inbox, that’s all I use.
(Of course this doesn’t mean I like them to mess up the home page. Just that it doesn’t affect me that much)

What browser do you use? I use firefox browser and when I changed the zoom to 90% it’s only on viki. Other websites are 100% as usual.

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I use Google Chrome browser. But I haven’t tried to figure out if it will help zooming to lower number. Going to wash clothes now, will try when I come back.

I just got the old layout back lol

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It seems that the home page for me has reverted back to the old design.

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mine too lol

You all got the old back and now I got the new design again lol

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Mine still there so I hope it stays.

They playing with our head. You really don’t want the new one? You sure you like the old one? Check it out… hahahahaha

PS. Forgot to add when the new layout was up I zoomed at 80% and the thing ‘‘fit’’ If I use 100% I don’t see the whole thing bc it’s too big.

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