New design Viki site, live?

What browser do you use? I use firefox browser and when I changed the zoom to 90% it’s only on viki. Other websites are 100% as usual.

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I use Google Chrome browser. But I haven’t tried to figure out if it will help zooming to lower number. Going to wash clothes now, will try when I come back.

I just got the old layout back lol

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It seems that the home page for me has reverted back to the old design.

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mine too lol

You all got the old back and now I got the new design again lol

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Mine still there so I hope it stays.

They playing with our head. You really don’t want the new one? You sure you like the old one? Check it out… hahahahaha

PS. Forgot to add when the new layout was up I zoomed at 80% and the thing ‘‘fit’’ If I use 100% I don’t see the whole thing bc it’s too big.

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Yes, they’re playing with us for sure lol

Yeah, zoom to 80% is better than nothing. I checked the first page again with the new template and it’s just so crowded. They could have kept the old layout and just added the extra content in the same manner… oh well.

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I’m now also stuck with the new design…
@irmar I just use it to log in and to see what’s new on Viki.


I got the old design back. It definitely feels like they are playing with us hahaha :joy:


Good morning and what it is Viki doing?? Last night was the old layout and some hours later this, wth… am I the only one? Just only why, I wasn’t aware the volunteer community asked Viki for a new layout and user tools changes, did I miss something??? :open_mouth::thinking::scream:

This is new former “Explore” page, only one page, you scroll a mile down, they are no numbered pages… and where are movies? There is a difference between a movie and a drama and variety show, the latter you have in the category but not movies!!
@vikicommunity can you please add “Movies” to the category :pray: (ok, it’s elsewhere after more clicks, see below)


I clicked to others as @lutra said… here the results… and Korean movies are…? Movies from Hong Kong, Vietnam, US…

Korean movies come after more clicks 1. click categories, 2. click Korea, 3. click Movies now you have arrived at your destination… as to the old link simply “Movies”… I’m already tired from clicking… :sweat_smile:

What a mashup… won’t it use too much data space on servers and your pc when you search?

You missed to place a Korean Anime, it’s nowhere to be found except on my main page “watched” …


I put some critic in about 3 years ago, because back then they had like 50 genres, or it felt like it.

Wow, but now this is all they got?
Where is my melodrama?

Okay, I guess it is not ready yet? Tell me it is a dream or that it looks so much better using the smartphone.

P.S.: When I use a filter there are thumbnails, too big by the way, but no titles show. Is this still in construction? Or is it caused by the cookie setting, I don’t get it? Why always put something half done out?

– Okay, chose “Others” and that’s the only category where it shows me the actual title of it.


I see it too

I scrolled through All Categories and you are right. Except for Short Films, there is no movie category…


I updated my comment… movies are now lined up under your searched country and in the dashboard is “movies” other countries are in “Others”… I preferred “1 page” with movies from various countries… with the new system you have to click and search all the countries, just why… I don’t necessarily select movies from a specific country… :disappointed_relieved:

I see “Melodrama” only on the main page and if you scroll under the country f.ex. Korea and click on all categories… gosh why just so many clicks :disappointed_relieved: Do you think they would do it in alphabetical order… no…


This sight is just depressing, … (it should state a trigger warning for people fighting with depression, Hammy was colorful and winked at you at least …)


I will look no further and on another …
I preferred Hammy the dog, a true companion in dark times, nothing like a bubble that can burst anytime, I think it was a bad choice … But the community can choose something like butterflies for subathons …

And this is all I see, …

… there is nothing to scroll or move further …



Yes, right.
Sorry, I meant to say there is no movie category unless you click further (the pictures are useful though :slight_smile:).

I don’t want to search movies per country either…


It looks as if this new UI is still working progress as it hasn’t been rolled out to all devices yet. If you access the website via a mobile or tablet you will still get the old explore interface.

But anyone who doesn’t quite know what to make of the new interface yet the Old Explorer interface can still be accessed if you know the URL that is

The new user interface seems to be more orientated to touch screen devices as the various selection points seem quite a bit larger then they used to be so it’s rather ironic that the new user interface isn’t available on mobile and tablet yet isn’t it. It seems that the new user interface has quite the learning curve which is something that many people aren’t going to like.


What a lifesaver!!! Thank You!! It’s like with the TV guide of the week, only if you have the URL :wink:


… and sorted by year at least here you can change the page number in the URL, all other options bring you to the new page design …


As soon you change here the preference it leads you back to “Categories”… it’s a loop!


yesterday it somehow didn’t work for me, but today …


Okay, now even I found it, but still most of the time title is missing.