New design Viki site, live?


Mine still there so I hope it stays.

They playing with our head. You really don’t want the new one? You sure you like the old one? Check it out… hahahahaha

PS. Forgot to add when the new layout was up I zoomed at 80% and the thing ‘‘fit’’ If I use 100% I don’t see the whole thing bc it’s too big.


Yes, they’re playing with us for sure lol

Yeah, zoom to 80% is better than nothing. I checked the first page again with the new template and it’s just so crowded. They could have kept the old layout and just added the extra content in the same manner… oh well.


I’m now also stuck with the new design…
@irmar I just use it to log in and to see what’s new on Viki.


I got the old design back. It definitely feels like they are playing with us hahaha :joy: