New Favorite Dramas?

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My name’s bookwormlula, and I’m the creator of the fan collection “Best Korean Dramas Ever!”.
I just wanted to start a little discussion here to see what dramas everyone’s excited about watching right now, or looking forward to in the future (I know I’m excited for some upcoming dramas!:sparkles:).
Let’s keep this discussion friendly, loves :two_hearts:.

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I’m watching ‘‘The legend of the Blue Sea’’ and ‘‘When a snail falls in love–’’ The second one I’m doing spanishsubs and loved it from the start. Is really a good one, hope you check it out. I used to love K-dramas but the story became so repetitive I started to get annoyed and now I really don’t care for them.

There is so much you can see of yucky nose bleeds, piggy rides, drunken women, accidents, orphans, memory loss. They are so predictable you can guess the next scene with accuracy. I need action packed dramas with some romance too but lately that’s a no/no in k-drama.


Legend of the blue sea, beyond your smile, Goblin(on DF) just finished when a snail falls in love, thought that was so good! angel323_168, and where do you think legend of the blue sea come from? just saying, still good anyway.
Like you I do get tired of repetition too, the drunks,m the vengeance/revenge, , women jealous of another woman, cause…action packed , yeah give me another Healer, heal me kill me, jeckle hyde & me, even doctors, Lawyers, in a pinch time travel, and these newer ones the immortal ones, steer from Vampires for awhile. I definitely agree…

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Hello, @angelight313_168 :wave:!

I am watching both of those dramas as well! “When A Snail Falls in Love” has been great so far, although I wish the romance would’ve progressed more by this point :grin:.

I see your problem with k-dramas at the moment. However, I would recommend you watch “The K2” and “Goblin”. They aren’t here on Viki, but if you have a Dramafever account you can find them there–highly recommend getting an account there if you don’t have one already.

Thanks for commenting :smile:!!

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Hello, @marygrether1_gmail_c :wave:!

Those are quite a few good dramas! I just LOVE “Goblin” right now (the first 2 episodes have been amazing. I hate having to wait a whole week for the next ones :sob:!), and “The Legend of the Blue Sea” has been great so far, although I’ve never been a big fan of Lee Min Ho. He surprised me in this one though, and I really like it.

Thanks for commenting :hugging:!!

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Are you excited for Hwarang? I’m overexcited for it! :slight_smile:

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Hiya, @icedthy icedthy :wave:!

Ohmygoshyesyesyes!! :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::heart_eyes::revolving_hearts::heart_eyes:
I’m an ARMY, so I’m super excited to see V in a drama :blush:. I’ve also really liked Park Seo Joon ever since I saw him in “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “She Was Pretty”. So many flower boys are going to be in that drama. I wish I were the female lead :joy:!

Thanks for commenting :smiley_cat:!

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surprised nobody mentioned weightlifting fair kim bok joo lol. i think the actors are phenomenal and the story line is not bland or cheesy at all.


Hiya, @broccoli :wave:!

I know, right?!! WFKBJ is such a good drama!
The actors are incredible, and the storyline is great. So much to love about it! I also really like that they aren’t overly-dramatic, and there aren’t any crazy unrealistic things going on. Definitely looking forward to the next episode :grin:.

Thanks for commenting :persevere:!

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I’m enjoying Goblin so far for the epic bromance between Goblin and the Grim Reaper. It’s awesome!

I’m also really enjoying WFKBJ so far. I was worried it would be too cheesy, but I like Nam Joo-Hyuk so I gave it a shot and I was pleased to find it not overly fluffy and cheesy. I also love that the actress who played the friend in Cinderella and the Four Knights is in it and just as fun.

As far as dramas that I have completed recently and really loved, I would have to say Scarlet Heart, Cinderella and the Four Knights and W: Two Worlds.


Hello, @turpentinechaser :wave:!

Isn’t their relationship adorable!? Their interactions crack me up so much :joy:.

Gotta agree with you about WFKBJ. Nam Joo Hyuk is SUCH a cutie, and perfect for this role (definitely some A+ casting in WFKBJ).

“Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” was super popular, so I’m not surprised you’re one of the many who enjoyed it :blush:. I watched it for a while, but eventually gave up after seeing one too many spoilers on Instagram :sweat_smile:.

I watched and finished “Cinderella and the Four Knights”, but it honestly didn’t connect with me very well, so I wasn’t overly fond of it.

I liked “W: Two Worlds” for two reasons. One, because the story was unique, and unlike anything I’d watched before, and two because Lee Jong Suk was the male lead (a good reason to love ANY drama :joy:).

Thanks so much for commenting and giving some feedback :clap:!

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@bookwormlula I agree about W! I loved the story and Lee Jong Suk is my acting bias, so I was set to love it from the start. :grinning:


I finished Princess WeiYoung with a hanky :cry:
Goblin has food for the thought with comic relief… but what’s with Canada :wink: :ghost:
I saw few eps of “Father, I’ll take care of you” family drama with quite realistic scenes, quite entertaining and sad, it’s an interesting mix between generations who have hopes, dreams and expectations.:sparkles:

Legend of Blue Sea I saw just few eps and got a bit bored… might give it another try…
Weightlifting Fairy I’ll watch on rainy days…
Look forward to Hwarang, looking at Pretty Faces :slight_smile::heart_eyes: up close!

I hope Viki gets::tada:

  • Missing Nine (9), that one might be action packed…
  • Introvert Boss rom/com
  • Saimdang, Light’s Diary saguk

UPDATES Saimdang, Her Story got licensed!!!


@turpentinechaser Saaame :sunglasses::kissing_closed_eyes::joy:

Hiya, @simi11 :wave:!

On no! Did “Princess Weiyoung” end tragically? I started it, but became daunted because of the sheer volume of episodes :cold_sweat:. I could also feel the vibe of “this will end with my tears being shed”. so I kinda backed away.

“Goblin” is an interesting mix of “oh gosh I want to cry” and “I’m laughing so hard my family must think I’m crazy” :joy:. Definitely my favorite drama right now!

I’ve heard of “Father, I’ll Take Care of You” (it definitely looks good!), but haven’t watched it yet. I’ll definitely check it out soon though! It wouldn’t do to be behind on drama knowledge :wink:.

I could see “Legend of the Blue Sea” getting boring for some, so I can understand that. I would, however, recommend giving it another shot, if only until maybe midway in the series.

WFKBJ is definitely a great rainy-day drama! Super sweet and cute, without super dramatic issues. Pretty feel-good and fluffy so far (hope it stays that way. I need a fluff drama after all these sad ones recently! :cry:).

Ohmygosh yes, “Hwarang” is going to be incredible. I can just sense the tension and emotional angst now :joy:. As I have said every time “Hwarang” is mentioned, I would die to be that female lead :heart_eyes:.

As for those dramas you want Viki to get, I think that there’s a team working on licensing “Introvert Boss”. The others I’m not sure about, but I think they’re going to be available on Dramafever.

Thanks you so much for taking the time to comment here :flushed:!

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(:books: :bug:) Lula here :wave:!

Just wanted to update this discussion with some new questions :kissing_heart:.

First of all, I hope everyone’s having a splendid Christmas season :snowflake::gift::snowman2:!
With the New Year coming up, I thought it’d be nice to reminisce a bit about 2016.

First question: What are your top #5 favorite K-dramas from 2016?

Second question: What is your #1 K-drama from 2016?

Third question: What upcoming K-drama are you most looking forward to in 2017?

Fourth question: Are there any actors that you’re excited to be seeing in a new drama?

Hope you have fun answering these questions :sparkling_heart:!
Remember to go follow my Fan Collection “Best Korean Dramas Ever!”, and turn on notifications for this discussion.
Merry Christmas everyone! Saranghayo :heartpulse:.

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Currently watching Oh My Geum Bi and even though I’ve only gotten half way though, it’s already on my top 10 list.

I got into it thinking it would be sad, but there’s a surprising amount of comedy. The characters feel real and the main character is absolutely adorable.

Wanted was pretty good too. It aired over the summer and didn’t get very much attention. There’s no romance involved, so I guess that explains it.

Honestly, I tried watching The Man Living In Our House but I ended up dropping it after the first 3 episodes because it was too slow. Episode 3 felt like it was just pointless filler.


Hiya, @youraverageangel :wave:!

“Oh My Geum Bi” is definitely a drama that will bring out the emotions in you. You’ll be laughing and crying all over your screen :laughing::cry:.
Agree with you about the girl who plays Geum Bi. She’s such an incredible actor, especially for having such a big role at her age :astonished:!

I don’t think I ever watched “Wanted” (It actually doesn’t sound very familiar, so I might not have heard of it before now). Just judging from the title, it sounds like a darker drama, but I might be wrong :sweat:.
With dramas like that (darker, with heavy drama and action) I tend to loose interest unless there’s a solid love line (yes, I know, I’m one of “those people” :sob:).

So sorry you felt that way about “The Man Living in Our House”!
I can see why you would though–It wasn’t very engaging, and the plot was more slow moving than I would’ve preferred. In all honestly, the reason I finished the series was most likely because I’m an intense fangirl who will go down with the ship (also, I needed at least one kiss scene. You know, for closure :wink::sunglasses:).

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment :confetti_ball:!

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Hey Lula,

I guess Wanted is a bit of a dark drama. It’s about a famous actress whose son gets kidnapped as soon as she announces her retirement from the entertainment industry. In order to get him back, she has to create a live reality show where she carries out missions as instructed by the kidnapper. The son is played by Geum Bi’s “boyfriend” from Oh My Geum Bi.

:joy: I’m not one of “those people”, but I like dramas that pull at my heart strings, which I guess is equally weird :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Lula,

I really enjoy your discussions. I started watching K-dramas in January of 2016 and became a huge fan!

First question: What are your top #5 favorite K-dramas from 2016?

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
2. Descendants of the Sun
3. Another Miss Oh
4. Cheese in the Trap
5. Jealousy Incarnate

Looking forward to starting Goblin and W soon! :smile:

Biggest disappointment of 2016 was - Uncontrollably Fond :disappointed_relieved:

Second question: What is your #1 K-drama from 2016?

For a while I thought my favorite drama of the year was going to be Descendants of the Sun but my #1 spot has to go to Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo