New kpop music videos that u discovered and love?

u can post all the kpop music videos and songs that u love that you recently discovered and even some of the music videos of kpop or korean bands that are very underrated!

i found these of korean bands and vids.some are really underrated that ive never heard of before and i love the sounds of them all.

i never really got into them until i recently saw this.i reallly love this for some reasonnnn :

i DONT like the creepy nail in the hand thing.cant.just NO. but her singing is really beautiful.

these two bands DONT have enough views. clearly fantastic.both with a similar feel:


lastly,very pretty song.

such a beautiful song, and the video has a such a bromancey feeling and i love it


really love that song!! beautiful.

this is not kpop but its very underated but i like it so much that i thought it deserve a post.

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its beautiful! thank you x) i love her singing !

great new girl group! (not so new… debuted a year ago,but… new for me!)

SOO underratedddddddd, soooooooo goodd

im addicted to this song. SERIOUSLY.

For me, its B.T.S. @b2utybubbles already know it ! xD

I discoverd them this year, and now, I’m just addicted to this group. I listen their songs every day. :slight_smile:

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yuppp! i loveeee it toooooooooooooooooooooo that song’s still in my head xD

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That song stay in us mind ! xD
They’ll make us crazy with this song x)

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great song love.