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one of our favorite actors, his first drama after he coming out of the services. called the King, the first episode, you gotta keep on your toes, so many different scenes, from yesterday to today, and different other things. but it really looks good, not sitting still at least in the first episode, Lee Min Ho looks mighty fine riding that horse. anyway not going to give anything away. I think You will enjoy this one. I hope I am not deceived.


Funny enough the topic title lead me to think YOU were “New On Netflix” (as in new user, I mean).

This one?


They already have 2 episodes on NTFX and am anxiously waiting for Friday to be here to watch, and it started very bloody but is ok for me. I gave in and started watching again Hi/bye mom and this weekend is the last 2 episodes GOD willing will finally see how they’ll fix that mess of a story (although I have an idea bc they gave a hint/coma patient lol).


Lee Min Ho without fuchsia lipstick? That must be a first!

(See pictures on this thread)


[/quote]and I didn’t even think about the lipstick, natural, yeaaaa! and socks wow, no wonder its turning cold , and if you don’t understand that, us southern folk, used this if something good or bad happens, we said no wonder it has turned cold or hoit. socks YES!! again I do hope this will be a good one.
ok then I will go to the second episode today! no lipstick, wow! lets go back to the natural look! unless you are a goblin or such

oh I see, I need to go to other message if I want to do another message! oops! sorry I just said to mirjam_465 sorry for the confusion

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