New QC Program (confused)

I am so confused with the new QC Program. I have 60000+ subs overall as it says in my profile. So in order to be a Gold QC you need 20000 subs/segments within 6 months or overall?

overall, what you have right now counts

At least currently, the tiers are determined by overall contributions.

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thank you for the reply

thank you so much

Whats a gold QC ?

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It’s part of the new tiered-system that they’re trying out. It’s the upper tier, 20,000+ subs/segs.

Gold Qualified Contributor (Gold QC)

  • Minimum requirement: 20,000 subtitles or segments
  • Benefits: Global viewing ability, ad-free viewing, HD videos, QC certificate, QC newsletter and Gold QC gift
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Ahh I see, thanks! If only I still had my previous account, I’d have it. Oh well lol

Thanks ^^ !


Maybe you could help me. I stumbled upon this thread searching for anything about QC status. I sent my application 10 days ago and no reply. At first I wanted to ask if this is normal (Viki hasn’t responded to any questions I have sent the past 10 days, for this and other problems), but now you mention a new QC. What is this? Did they change the requirements? Are my 3.000+ subs not enough? I’m confused :-(.

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@glykeria it took viki about 1.5-2 months to reply (to make me a qc) so its normal
the new qc program is like this:
1000 (i think) subs or segs = idk what its called (lol)
3000!subs or segs = QC
20000 subs or segs = gold QC

so your current contributions count, but you have to create more in order to maintain it because it could go away

@glykeria They’re in the process of transitioning to an automated system, instead of manually approving users (so you wouldn’t have to wait the week or month to be updated to QC). If I’m not mistaken, it’s supposed to roll out this week…

In any case, your 3000+ subs will be sufficient to make QC status, and to keep it, you only need 500 subs in the last 6 months. Sucks to wait, but just give it another week or two.

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Thanks @itssafa2ne1_gd and @xomachi!

This is a relief, I was starting to believe my application would be void.

i had the same question and situation. :grin: thank you to those who responded!

Do you have any idea if this program has already started?

Tell me, if benefits of Gold QC is: Global viewing ability, ad-free viewing, HD videos, QC certificate, QC newsletter and Gold QC gift, then how regular QC are benefited? Thank you.

so is that different from the current qc program?
i thought 3000 was qc. didn’t know there were tiers