New Thai movies need subtitles!

Hi everyone! There are new Thai movies on Viki that need subtitles. Here is the list:

Village of Warriors
Happy Birthday
The Gig
The Dog
The Gig 3
The Tiger Blade
The Art Idol
I.C.U Ghost of Fine Arts University

Have a look and please start subtitling if you can! Otherwise if anyone is interested, please leave a message or feel free to PM me.

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I will try.

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Hi @bayotria ~ thank you!

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Hello @dee
Remember I am still available to translate from English to Spanish.

Hi bayotria,

I’m the Channel Manager for Happy Birthday and The Gig 3. Please contact @Niennavalar - - if you’d like to help out subbing into Spanish for these 2 Thai movies.

Thanks :smile:

Tasya ^^

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Hi. I will do what you told me. Thanks for the opportunity. Have a good day.