News from North Korea?

Hi! Recently I read a news in which was said that Kim Jong Un decided to impose by law his own haircut in North Korea.
It smells like a hoax.
But I wanted to ask for confirmation about its deceit to people who live closer to Korea than me. Lately, here in Europe many journalists barely verify sources and this is driving me crazy, since I study communication sciences and I fight for the correct information.

Hi, I didn’t hear this news but recently I have been reading a lot about North Korea and honestly it won’t surprise me if there was such law but I don’t think it’s true. If you want to read a bit more into North Korea I suggest you read these books:

  • Escape from camp 14 by Blaine Harden/ Shin Dong Hyuk
  • The Aquariums of Pyongyang by Kang Chol Hwan/Pierre Pierre Rigoulot
  • Eyes of the tailless animals by Soon Ok Lee
  • Nothing To Envy by Barbara Demmick
  • The Long Road Home by Kim Young
    I also did read an other book from Pierre Rigoulot but that’s in French and only translated to Dutch as far as I know.

Most books I mention are written by people who had to stay in camps and defected, Nothing To Envy also covers defectors who didn’t stay in those camps.

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I just looked it up and in German news they also say that he made that kind of law.
Very ummmm unique…

I don’t know where exactly you live but I know what you mean with the sources and the media. It’s hard to belive what’s said. I am living in Germany and European media also isn’t very belivibal .

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Thank you for this ! I like it more to read books than watching news on tv. Especially when they are written by ppl who actually saw all that…

It kind of looks like he really made a law/order for male students to have the same hairstyle as he has.
There are still some news paper that use the terms, that he “should” have, so to say it might not be true, still it’s a writing style, those papers use all of the time to avoid legal problem.
I don’t know but, even so it seems clear, that it really happened law or order, it was mentioned that North Korean male students could chose one out of 10 haircuts that were okayed by the country, but now it is left to this one only.
Female students can still have one of 18 haircuts, but there are rumors, true or not, that female student should wear the haircut of his wife.
I live in Europe too, and only can rely on the press, but since there are so many saying the same thing …

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I know, I know, but lately the news also said that Kim Jong Un made his uncle killed by 100 dogs… but at the end it was discovered this info was taken by a Chinese satyrical website.
(Kim Jong Un actually killed his uncle on charge of treason, but no dogs were involved XD).

I live in Italy and lately here the situation is getting out of hand, because journalists read foreign newspapers and just report the news… Anyway that news about dogs and Kim Jong uncle was reported on many different West countries, because of this type of word-of-mouth.

Anyway, thank you sooo much for your book advices, @Dudie ^.^
And thank you so much to you all

Really what happened to his uncle is nothing compared to the other horrible things he does. Yes it’s still shocking that he can do that to his own uncle, I also though how could you do that, but after the horrors I did read in those books I mentioned.

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Seems like a rumor…

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It’s interesting that President Kim Jong-un’s style is not among the men’s 10 officially sanctioned hairstyles. Maybe they will have to choose from 11 from now on.

I was born in Romania, under Communist rule. Kim Jong Un’s hairstyle would never have been accepted in our schools … no way :- )))

I personally don’t believe in that news. However, I think mr. Kim Jong Un should change his hairstyle; it really doesn’t look good on him considering he’s a President not some teenager.

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What did I say ? You can’t trust media …
Thanks for this !!:slight_smile:

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Media patrons try to give world bad impression about N.Korea. It’s just like once upon a time between West and East Germany. West was under US and British control so it was friend but east was dangerous communist beast at that time. Actually only people from both sides were suffering. Still same goes now for Communists, Iran, Syria, Muslims, African and some South American Countries.
China and Russia use N.Korea and US uses S.Korea. It certainly happens as what “3 Days” tells us. It’s just to sell weapons and make money. Russia and China exploits North Korea and US does same to South Korea. That’s all.
This is the world’s fact. We think we live in free world but actually we get thought control and brain washes by education system and media. We are having an idea without visiting or communicating.
Thanks god that Viki is here. So we can communicate and make friends from all over the world through Asian Dramas :wink:


Never mind … this isn’t worth commenting on.

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Agree with everything you said. It’s sad that we live in a world like that.
Happy that we can find friends here on viki, no matter what nationality or religion.

Thanks viki !! :smiley:

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How can you possibly compare the butchers of North Korea to anything like East and West Germany, or anywhere else for that matter. Except maybe for the killing fields of Cambodia under Pol Pot. Absolute nonsense!

Who was suffering in the West?

US exploits S. Korea? The US taught the textile industry to S. Korea, then exported jobs and purchased goods. Then the US exported electronics to S. Korea and became their largest customer. Today S. Korea exceeds Japan in exports of such things as DRAMS. So how is the US exploiting them? I know, I was there. Where have you ever been?

I guess you are right about the media controlling people’s brains. They certainly have yours!


Ozzy didn’t compare North Korea with East Germany, she/he suggested that media likes to intoxicate us with falsehoods (which I agree), like it was during the cold war propaganda, so we have to be attentive for discerning truth from exaggeration.

U.S will always seek America’s interest. China treats North Korea much as the U.S treats Israel — as a exasperating, difficult and irreplaceable ally.

It’s easy for some people living in democratic countries to demonize the rule of Kim Jong-un, because most of the things they learned from North Korea are from outside. They are hearing them a lot so they take them for granted. At the same time, it’s easy for other people living in democratic countries to feel sympathy with the rule of Kim Jong-un, but they have no idea of what life really is under such a regime and neither can they imagine. Any time I watch a documentary about North Korea or hear a news, I try to find a resemblance on what I experienced myself prior 1989 . There are lessons that can be learned.


No i think you understand him wrong . Of course i don’t think north Korea is right. I don’t like the president or whatever he is. I am totally against everything he is doing.

Not everything in media is right and i as someone from Germany know what i am talking about. We never said sth against USA … its a fact that in politics everybody is looking at his own interests. USA or Germany or Israel. Everything is the same

But well .i love viki bcs it’s a place where i can enjoy sth without thinking about politics and wars and all that.
That’s why i think it would be better to not even talk about this matter

we all enjoy watching movies and forget about politics and wars.
Hope Russia will not invade us before “Cubic” is finished :)))))

I wish you all a splendid weekend.
I’m out.

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Same here.
I’m going to watch a drama haha

Have a nice weekend!:slight_smile:

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I didn’t say he compared N. Korea to East Germany. What he did was imply a relationship between NK and the West to be like E/W Germany. But mostly with his statement “Media patrons try to give world bad impression about N.Korea” should we take it that the media is wrong? I guess without the media (and the reports coming from the people who escape from the hellhole) we would all realize NK is a wonderful place full of comforts and opportunities for it’s people. Yes, the new Moron running NK is just such a wonderful humanitarian who likes basketball. Let’s just ignore all of the info coming from NK and pretend that all of the evils of the world, past and present, are just the imposition of the will of politically controlled media.

You are right about one thing Dramaaaaa … it would be better not to talk about these things here. The topic shouldn’t have even been started here on Viki.

We cannot ignore the news, but we cannot fall in the exaggeration trap : “ his uncle was fed to a pack of wild dogs”, “Students required to get Kim Jong-un haircut”. Through exaggerations, these news distract us from what’s really important : North Korea’s head of state acted like his predecessors eliminating potential challengers, so North Korea is the same, with some minor variations, for some time. Media should be aware of their responsibilities and not offer exaggerated versions. We cannot ignore the problems they have but we cannot resolve them. Only North Koreans should be at the center of determining the future of their country, only them can choose to live in a state of illusory isolation for ever or not.