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NIRVANA IN FIRE 琅琊榜 (Lang Ya Bang)
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Some topics to get this going:
-favorite character(s)?
-favorite bromance?
-predictions for the ending?
-favorite cast member(s)?
-what do you like about Nirvana in Fire?

Note: Label your post if you have SPOILERS in it!




This is becoming my all-time favorite historical drama. The subtlety and intricacies of Mei Changsu’s strategies have me in awe. He is a chess master, with human lives riding on his every move. This is my idea of engaging drama.

I’ve watched all the English subbed episodes so far, and eagerly await more. Thank you,. Lang Ya Bang Team - you have met the challenge to do justice to the show’s production, writing, and acting. However long it takes to see the project through, you have my gratitude and support.


I really like this drama. The characters and the strategic thinking that the main characters such as Mei Chang Su used really grab my attention. I also like the costumes that the actors and actresses wore. They are elaborate and elegant that makes it fitting to the time period that the drama allude to. The songs in this drama are also good and I have been replaying the songs over again in youtube. Another item of interest to me was that there were some cultural references of the time shown in the drama. Overall, I love this drama and it’s one of the few dramas that I have finished.


I am completely in love with this historical drama and can vouch that this is a brilliantly made, directed, and cast drama. I’m so use to the typical cliched story line, where there is just one person that is meant to be hated, the antagonist to the main character. This movie is different. It’s smart, and while there are plenty of sides to choose from, it’s all understandable why they are the way they are. I can’t begrudge the selfishness or greediness of some of the characters. They are fighting for the highest position. They are conniving and brilliant in their own way, and while I’m always on Mei Chang Su side, routing for him and his team, I enjoyed the plot and character development of everyone. There is a sense of purpose and reason and this series will keep you on your toes till the very end. I have watched it to the end and still have managed to rewatched this drama because there was so many things I’ve missed on the first round. The follows the book, and while I would prefer a different ending, it still doesn’t make this a less incredible drama. I really hope Hu Ge, Wang Lai, and the King will get recognized for their acting. I have never been a true fan of Hu Ge because a lot of his other roles were not as deep in my opinion. His acting here really takes the cake. This role has allowed me to truly appreciate the variety and depth of his acting, and of course, that is due to the incredible written script and story line. An actor can only do so much if the character is limited in depth and dimensions. Mei Chang Su has so many layers to him, and Hu Ge has everything to make this character come alive.

Thank you subbing team for all your incredible work. Hats off and please let us continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Hi all,
will there be an episode 55? or is episode 54 the final episode for nirvana in fire? thanks!!

I believe ep54 is the last ep.

Excellent drama! Does anyone know if this was based on historical facts? I was unable to find any info when googling. The strategies were brilliantly thought out!

Not it’s not, it’s purely fiction, even the setting. It wasn’t really evident in the drama, and the synopsis said something about the 4th century, but I think that was because it was written before they started filming or sth like that. The book and the series are both set in a fictive time, but they used Jing, Tang and Han dynasty as a reference for the costumes, Ming dynasty for the political system, and Song dynasty for the etiquette. But for an emperor to kill off his eldest son and everyone related, forcing the mother of that son into suicide, killing off anyone who spoke up for them, that really did happen in Han dynasty.

54 Is the final. We are waiting for second season anyway. :joy:

Only the dynasty Liang is real, all plots, characters are fiction.
However, the crews made the cloth, drama props all suit to the dynasty and characters, no error at all and very beautiful.

Liang did exist, but the the story isn’t set in the actual historical Liang dynasty. The plot synopsis says otherwise, but the production team did explain it in many interviews. The story has a so-called “jia kong” setting, which means it is set somewhere that is not in any of the points on the real timeline we live in, like a parallel universe. But the props and costumes etc. were oriented on actual historical dynasties.

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The lead actress Liu Tao (who played the role of Nihuang) is back with the new period Chinese drama "Legend of Miyue 芈月传 "! She costars along with the acclaimed actress Sun Li, who was the lead actress in Legend of Zhen Huan.

Check it out! The team is recruiting subbers and segmenters! (Note: This is a fan channel)


Speaking of second season, I love the openings that were left for the next generation. There are at least 6 ties to the future that I have explored in my imagination. Needless to say I have kind of gotten lost off in here, and cannot stop replaying this drama. I am not one to replay a drama like this. the more i see it the more I see things I have missed the first 18 times I watched it. ( I only wish I was joking).
this last time I have noticed that what the good guys are doing family-wise and what the bad guys are doing is like a mirror image. I would love to go into detail but I do not know how to work the “spoilers hide stuff” yet. This drama is wonderfully packed with all sorts of gems. For example, the way marquis Yan treats his son, to the way the emperor does and to the way marquis xie yue does… MY my my. This is a great drama and I learned WAY more than i was supposed to probably about good versus evil, power, family and basic Chinese culture in general.
There is one HUGE flaw on this drama. How are we supposed to go back to the run of the mill dramas after this? cries

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finished 54 episodes in the span of three days, and back for a rewatch. i can’t move on from this series - 琅琊榜 was so well-produced, well-acted, and well-devised. everything was beautifully amazing. out of all the dramas i have watched, ever, this has to be the one top. i have no words -
i also hate and love how whenever liu tao’s song 红颜旧 began playing, it would pull me back to the scene where nihuang first found out about changsu’s true identity. i would tear up. every. single. time.

honestly, first episode was a bit hard to watch because of all the names getting thrown at the viewer, but once one passes that first hurdle, one is automatically sucked in. no escape.

I barely started watching Chinese dramas just about a couple of weeks ago xD and this is on my watch list. I keep hearing about how great this drama is, so I’m looking forward to this. ^^

This drama is simply the Best historical drama I’ve seen so far.
I really like the genre and both in Kdramas and Tw/C drama but I’m a bit cautions about not watching the one “cheaply produced” since it usually take a lot of time to watch them.

Nirvana in fire exceeded all my expectations from episode 2 already lol and before I knew it i binged watch all of it in 4 days. I was also back a few days later to Rewatch it !

Hey people…I am from India and I dont understand a single word of Chinese. I am watching this series while reading english subtitles.
Firstly, I would want to congratulate the subtitles team, they have done a tremendous job in translation. I am a philosophy student and I understand the complexities of translation.
Secondly, I am in love with this series, Probably the best I have seen in historical fantasy genre. The characters and their motivations are so profound and consistent.
Its a masterful work.


this was a good historical drama and specially Hu Ge is really looking great with refine composure.

this was a very good drama, now watching snail falling in love. he is such a talented actor!