No Call No No Life - Recruiting


I’m recruiting moderators for movie “No Call No Life”.
You need to be a QC to even see the movie and there might be some regional restrictions so if anyone wants to apply, please check, whether you can access it.

Apply on private message with the list of current projects as a moderator:

I will check messages and appoint moderators on 05.08.2022 22:00 European Time Zone and update the list.
If you don’t see your language on the list, that means there weren’t any applications or there weren’t applications which I could accept, so that means you can still apply even after the 05.08

If anyone can make a Design Page and wants to help me, you can also contact me, I will probably respond faster.

Positions currently taken and the team:
CM: zyxw
CE: damiechan
CS: bjohnsonwong
Spanish: perilousal
Polish: zyxw
Portuguese: marcela_athaydes
French: moonstill
German: cacchan_jzn240