No licenses for the big hit Cdramas

Oh my Legend of the Dragon Pearl is there too! So many dramas!

Completly agree, in any case. on the home page, click Corea : you have 650 shows ,China:220 ??? The gap is quite big to be notice and that is unfair. Anyway, I found some great chinese serie: The war of kings, the Yongzheng reign, Ten miles of peaches but not with Viki too expensive now my choices are so reduced. Quitting soon.

You are also forgetting something: viki does not allow fan channels made by users. They deleted all of them some months ago. So, fan channels are made by viki. They are dramas that viki itself has put in its “desired” list and is actively considering airing - most likely fighting for the license while we’re speaking.
And also… Many of the Korean dramas present there are fan channels as well. Many more than the Chinese, in comparison with the ones actually present: but you conveniently ignored that, LOL!

If we want to do this in a real scientific way, counting counting the actual number of episodes and hours of each drama, yes, it will take a bit more time. I did it.
Here are the results.

Chinese dramas in 2017:
34 finished or licensed/coming soon of which 5 long ones (50 or more eps) and 3 short ones (web dramas, less than 16 episodes of less than 25 minutes)
TOTAL TIME: 56395 minutes)
20 fan channels (unknown time)

Korean dramas in 2017
57 finished or licensed/coming soon of which 5 long ones (50 or more eps)
and 6 short ones (web dramas, less than 16 episodes of less than 25 minutes)
TOTAL TIME: 61336 minutes
76 fan channels (unknown time)

See how
34 Chinese dramas are 56 thousand minutes (average 1647 min per drama)
57 Korean dramas are 61 thousand minutes? (average 1070 min per drama)

Yes, when I said they take the triple time I was thinking of older times, when there were lots of long historicals, of 78, 80.90 or 100 episodes.
It seems indeed that in 2017, as you said, there are much fewer of these. But still they are longer!

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Why you like Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy so much?

Is it a fantasy story?

Thank you


Nope, that’s not true! Some of the fan channels are indeed fan channels, submitted by Vikians and approved by Viki.

Just to remind:

  1. Fan channels - the old ones, without license, where the channel managers uploaded the links for the episodes
    Viki deleted all of them in 2016

  2. Fan channels - submitted by Vikians and approved by Viki, waiting for the license
    Viki deleted MOST BUT NOT ALL of them in 2017
    for example, While you were sleeping was one of them, NIF 2 is one of them and there are a few more

  3. Fan channels - created by Viki, waiting for the license

Concerning the calculations, I’m sorry, but I have no time for something like that.


I can say by Episode 8 that …(deep breath) the fireworks have already begun.

ow shit, you’re definitely killing me here. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
The problem is that this show is allllll about Chinese mythology i lov :heart_eyes: and DF sometimes shortens and changes many honorifics.
And I imagine that the cinematic part was to kill of so beautiful, after all, was spent $ 45.2 million in this drama. :scream_cat:
Anyway, I hope they do justice to this amazing drama. :sparkling_heart:

Laura, just watch the trailer and you will fall in love:

Drunks live. Sobers die.
Drunks live because they are slaves.
Sobers die because they fight.
If you are happy to be a slaves you can drink as much as you want.
If you want to die as a soldier, follow me.”

"You take one thing from me.
I will take hundreds from you."

I am the Ruler of this world.”

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes, DF will do misery to the subtitles. The Teams I have had on major historical/costume here would have done right by this one, but …you’re not there for the subtitles. You…are there for the glory of it. :slight_smile:

Nice nickname, by the way… :slight_smile: always thought Sakura was underrated. Overlooked. :slight_smile:

Naruto’s Nine-Tailed Shadow…


Puts down the empty bowl. Grabs cloak, dons it, and pulls hood forward over head…picks up sword, heads for the door, turns…

If you have to ask, you haven’t seen it.

strides out to watch Episode 9, now loaded and ready to watch…!

Mei Daxia does not regret time spent freely with Tribes, Hunting, Rule the World, and Nothing Gold…!


Laura, this review might also help :


ohh great review.
I hope she does more analysis of this drama, especially the early episodes that have so much information.

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One thing you can still do is requesting for the license, a tiny door with hope, here the link:


We requested these dramas, recruited Teams, put together cover pages, promoted them…in some cases,more than once now. We put in untold number of license requests, we’ve been asking for Tribes for almost 2 years now.

We were not heard, not for Tribes, nor for 10 miles, nor AA, nor the rest. So all we can do is watch and enjoy them elsewhere, that’s what we have left.

The fact remains this is an amazing year for Chinese drama, and we’ll just have to fill our plates where the food is. The fan channels were and are the smell of the banquet without the feast. We were tempted, and did our best to bring the food to the table…but it remains tantalizingly out of reach here.

Thankfully, the eyes that wish to view these dramas also have means to move to those places where the dramas are, and spend quality time with them. :slight_smile:

Off to view Tribes, ep 12. Have an excellent day. Oh - and that K drama fan who seems to want to talk down Chinese Dramas? Don’t you have a Korean drama somewhere to watch…rather than argue with us? :slight_smile:

Simi girl, as always, my best. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp sees Episode 12 in her immediate future…POOF!


yeah, every day i sent my request. It does not hurt to try, right?
And man, if by chance this drama come to viki, I will distribute pamphlets in the streets. kekekekeke

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deadliftdiva_548, i’m glad you tried to bring this Chinese drama to the viki. (
And I know it was not in vain, because there are many historical dramas here, certainly thanks to the persistence of your team. Thanks for this!
I’m sure that from now on viki will have more searches in this genre yet, and that makes me happy.
We are in the Age of Chinese dramas…cheers for that! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Gone with the Shirt, Serenite78 and Kalmendarez had the fan channel for a very long time and did a lot of work promoting it, I was merely one of many who would volunteer to put the drama out if we got it.

Credit where due please. :slight_smile:

I’ve been CM on a few projects here, nowhere near as many as they have. We have a great many fine CM’s, moderators, and Teams of willing hearts and hands here on the Chinese Drama side, and I am honored to work together with them. :slight_smile:

It’s truly special to finish the work on a drama, get the Other Languages too finished, and be able to say, “hey, we brought another cool Chinese drama to the world”.

Makes some of the frustration on the licensing and other hassles - vikibots, and other hazards… - fade….some of the frustration.

And now, I’ll make a fun evening mostly away from here complete, check my projects…(I was out watching the magnificent Chris Hemsworth as Thor…. :slight_smile: ) and then back to Tribes. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp needs new wallpaper with Thor’s mighty…build. :slight_smile:

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and here I thought your screen is only worth the Hu Ge’s godly presence in his ethereal characterisation from Nirvana on Fire … and yet… a mere THOR can actually make you SWITCH sides…

my whole “being” is shaken by this discovery…

pfffff. off to ogle some great Chinese dramas. because once you get into them… everything else fades in comparison. even THORs :wink:


MUAHAHAHA! And shaken on a Monday too, bonus points!

GeNie of the Lamp cheerfully puts these down in the ledger and off to check projects, sigh, POOF!

p.s. I do not see admiring the buff build of Hemsworth any different than admiring oh, a Peter Sheng pullup… :slight_smile:

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:grin::laughing:I know… believe.
I remember when I joined here (in 2010), it was something new and messy.
Everyone wanted to translate and nobody knew each other. No one wanted to team up or think about the quality of the sub… And look how viki has progressed (although there have been setbacks). Today I see how the translators put passion into what they do, and that’s very good.
I believe… I am living proof of this. I’ve never been a fan of a Chinese drama formerly (partly because it was difficult to find subtitles before), and today I feed on them… srl. It you girls who feed this very-very-goodaddiction.
I’ve never been so anxious expecting drama as I am with Tribes. This drama is going to be epic in every way.
Viki, get the license … never asked of you.:tired_face::sweat_smile:

I love Tribes and Empires so much that I don’t know how to put it into words… I’m currently on episode 16 and it’s so worth it!!! If only Viki can get the license to it T-T I would sub/edit that drama until my eyes and hands fall off.