No licenses for the big hit Cdramas

Yeah, well, I’ve lit more virtual joss sticks around here for oh, AA, and 10 mile, and what, Tribes, and…keep listing them. And I didn’t even KNOW I wanted Nothing Gold until I saw an ep. (I was offered a spot on that Team before the Great Deletion II and had no idea it was THAT good…!)

We are in an epic year for Chinese Drama. What, In the Name of the People. I could keep listing, but it’s better to go watch them.

I’m going to be watching Tribes twice - sort of like I would have as an editor, but I’ll have to stop cringing when I watch those DF "subs go past. Husband can’t handle the Chinese without subs. Even he, who is not a fan of Asian drama, MUST see Tribes. (He covertly watched NIF, and Empress Ki, and WBDS… evil grin)

If the trailer gives me goosebumps, that’s my signal to go all in, throw my hands, hang sleep, and let’s do this! Maybe GE will come in with a license, and surprise more than those of us signed up…the trailers gave me goosebumps. (shrug)

Time will tell, and meanwhile, I’m on ep 19 of Tribes…19 of Hunting…:slight_smile: back to my eyes on THAT screen.

Jia You, Oh yeah.



I’m still in episode 10, but I can say that it is completely addictive. Muyun Sheng, Muru Hanjiang and Feng Heye are characters that stand out, I was sad with the separation of them.
And what the hell is that Empress? I wanted to squeeze her (and her niece) into the whole drama.
I’m trying to watch slowly because of the subtitler, but it’s almost impossible. I need to make a other distraction. xDDD.

I could not agree with you more. Not everyone is interested in watching the silly rom - com genre. While there is certainly a niche for those, there is plenty of room for those of us who are attempting to find more serious content that appeals to an older audience. I’m still relatively new to Viki and am thinking of moving on if things do not change in the coming year.

I was a bit baffled why this particular Chinese drama from 2013 wasn’t given a stream, how many of you are fan of the Ip Man film? The 2013 TV drama was given a blu-ray release in the US and in Europe. Yet I’m baffled why Cinedigm or their Chinese distributor didn’t thought about putting the 2013 TV dramas on this site where it could get more audiences then releasing it on blu-ray.