No, the Timed Comments are not a live chat or a place to spam!

Last week I spent hours on moderating the Timed Comments because people used it as a live function and people kept commenting “Is this a live chat?”. Hundreds of comments with locations, dates, fights between people… and not to mention the sub whiners.

Today I decided to check the eps again to see if I missed something last week and saw some people spammed the same message I don’t know how many times.

Can’t Viki block the spamming and give an error when a message is already posted? Or have a notice that TC is NOT a live chat before someone what’s to post something. It’s so annoying you almost want to delete all TC’s in one go.


I totally agree with you. On The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 1, I think the on-screen comments had about 300 messages which I deleted. A few people repeated the same message 5 or more times. Most were subbing whiners. Those whiners still don’t realize the subtitle editor doesn’t show those whines so the subbers never see the comments unless they watch later in the video player – and by then the subbers must be finished subbing so the whines are irrelevant.


Yes true, I decided to flag all spammers and left the spam in there so Viki can see how bad it is and can delete it.


Ugh, those comments are so annoying :no_mouth:
I remember seeing them on some dramas as well. And often they ask this multiple times in one episode. Why? :sob:

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When I first started watching Viki I saw those comments too, but at some point there was some update after which the comments were gone and I never bothered to try to get them back. So if anyone ever told me to hurry up subbing, I didn’t see it. :joy:
But I guess as a CM you can’t get out of it … :frowning:

Well I could ignore it if I wanted but then others start to get annoyed by these comments and it may be snowballing. Yesterday I deleted more then 30+ messages from people telling others they are from India. Viki has gotten popular there I think.

I never watch Kdrama with TC, I only switch it on on certain scenes because I want to see if people reacted the same way but after that I switch them off again. They are too distracting for me.


Ah, I thought it was part of your duty as a CM.
Is there even a guideline for commenters telling them what they can and cannot do? Some may not even be aware they’re doing something wrong.

I could never focus on the subtitles, the comments and whatever was actually happening on screen all at once, so even when I did still “see” them, I usually ignored them. Though I do remember one show where the comments were extremely hateful towards one of the main characters, which was annoying.


I also had to delete tons of this … comments in my channels -.-
also the BTS stans… i have no prov with BTS; EXO, etc. I also love their music, but why must they appier everywhere?


I’m not sure about guidelines but I think there are. But yes I also delete mean remarks about cast members, swearing, fan wars between kpop fans. And next to the CM mods can also moderate TC.


Oldtimers only will remember that when it was, the website would put out a Thank you to contributors on each episode and they would list the avatars of all the inane on-screen commenators along with the team members. I begged many times to eliminate the on-screen commentators as “contributors” and finally when the current subtitle editor and segment timer were designed, the tech staff no longer treated the commenters as “contributors”. I don’t actually study the comments – I just search for soutitres, legendas, subtitles, names of languages, and click on the red X. Once in perhaps several thousand comments I find a gem of cultural explanation or a translation of something the subbers couldn’t figure out – like the identification of a Buddhist sutra so I can subtitle it in English or identify a potential subtitler.


There are guidelines, but only if you dig around and of course most of them won’t, and use it like a YouTube live chat where its okay to spam the same message a million times. They should include a popup guidelines or something like that when the user first starts using TCs…but i don’t know how helpful that will be, most people are used to the live chat type…


Or let them fill in a huge form after which they have to wait for approval before they can first enter the comment room. :smiling_imp:


oh YES, that is actually an amaaazing idea!! Make them wait so long they either forget or mature over time :laughing:
What would the questions be like?
“DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT A LIVE CHAT? yes/no” and “DO YOU UNDERSTAND that spamming is an offence? yes/no” :joy:


A) I agree and start giving examples
B) I disagree and send hateful posts to that poster
C) I ignore it
D) I report it


It’s not like this is the first time we try to get viki’s attention on this issue in discussions, but somehow nothing is being done. Timed comments are demoralizing to read as a subber because they show how much viewers don’t understand how subbing and timed commenting works on viki. It’s also a shame because most of those viewers, commenters and whiners aren’t pests actively trying to be disrespectful; they genuinely feel cheated and disappointed because they are unaware of how things actually work. Simply making things clearer for them would definitely improve everyone’s experience.
On Love Revolution today I was dumbfounded to find people who copied in the Timed Comments the subtitles that were on the video (because of sub whiners’ comments). Which shows they have no idea that 1. the TCs are not live and 2. subtitles being on the video or not is exactly the same for all viewers and has nothing to do with either subscription or geographical location.

Is it really so hard, after all the complaining we’ve seen regarding the TC issues, to think about adding a pop-up window explaining the main TC guidelines and how it actually works (e.g. how to turn it on/off, that it’s not live, the comments are pasted onto the video and it’s for commenting the scenes and not for saying hi to other viewers, do not spoil, do not fight, do not spam, be respectful etc.)? TCs used to be fun to read and engaging, now it’s full of things that have nothing to do with what’s happening on screen. I’m going on a rant here but really, some dramas bring in much more new viewers who don’t know how viki works, and cleaning up the TC for those is even more annoying and disheartening than usual.
Once and for all, why isn’t viki adding a pop-up window for every new viewer, explaining how subbing works, and another pop-up window when they first use TCs, to explain how that works + guidelines? It’s there for the new inbox, so what’s preventing it from coming to the video player? (and here I turn into a whiner, because I don’t understand and we never got an explanation: same causes create the same results)


Most of the people and viewers do not know about the website because on phone, the site is weak and hardly anything is available at hand, until and unless site isn’t opened on a PC or Desktop Site in a phone browser, people aren’t aware of the huge success Viki had since it’s establishment. When using from the app, people assume Viki must be a startup or just produced from a simple lab, or at least, I always thought so.
Just as emilyazel said, almost all of the new apps these days have an introduction that gets the user to all the features that are available on the app, if that could be done, it will be a great help to volunteers.


This is just an idea and am simply suggesting it. Timed Comments can be turned into Live Chats where all the comments made in one day will be deleted when next day starts. If this way is chosen, all the I am watching on… Love this drama from… @lc why don’t you stop watching… all these comments will vanish automatically. Or if each comment made stays alive only for 24 hours starting from the time it was made, we volunteers won’t get any unconscious threats made by people completely unaware of how Viki works.


Noooo… Then

  1. It will be very lonely, there will be much less in any given period, especially for older dramas, it will be a desert.
  2. Some really juicy and wonderful comments, or helpful ones for the story, will be forever gone
  3. You feel disheartened, knowing that whatever you wrote will vanish and will only be seen by those who come on the same day.

Honestly, if they just made it very plain that Viki is not an Asian Netflix or YouTube, it’s a VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY, we wouldn’t have so much trouble. I know they display “Global community powered by fans” as its tagline but it took me quite a lot of digging to actually understand what was going on, mostly because I was very curious that there was so much free content and the whole site was legal.
I think they shouldn’t make videos available if they haven’t been subbed completely, or at least instead of displaying ENGLISH 90%, display something like “Our volunteers are working hard to make subs available in your language ASAP” so they know there are ACTUAL HUMANS working hard for free behind the scenes


Oh my… I didn’t gave a thought to it. I just remembered a TC that said “subs are done by people who work for free, you can find them on” or something like that, it guided me to this place, so I assume if a little bit filteration is done before commenting in TCs, it could be a much happier place for viewers.

They do that here on the site when a channel in new and only has one episode released, but since viewers use app rather than site, they can’t figure out what is going on when subs aren’t available.


Now the question rises:

Do we really NEED timed comments? :thinking:

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