No Viki Pass Error


Do you all also have this “little” problem?
In my Setting it states, that I have no longer a Viki Pass. I should resubscribe or choose a new plan.
My profil says I still have the Pass.



same here now no standard but only a pass. I will ignore it for now since the system was already buggy for a while.


Yes. Apparently, they plan an update to the standard pass so that we can watch some of the KoCoWa shows. Several people who used to have either Standard or Plus now just have “Viki Pass.” So I think it’s just the Standard or Plus pass that has been canceled to make room for a new pass.


It would be nice to have some information about that @vikicommunity @giant_sean @fsl_viki


Oh, yes same here, it’s a new layout, I haven’t visited the settings since there was no need, it used to show that it was paid or something like that… what is now “cooking in the kitchen” :wink::sweat_smile:


My VikiPass isn’t working either so I cannot cast anything to my TV to watch. Because to enable Chromecast you need VikiPass. Hopefully it’s fixed by tomorrow morning.


That’s most likely it but it would have been nice if they told us when they will migrate it.


@cerjacult – Agreed – it would have been nice to have been told about this in advance!
I have been a viki pass plus holder in the USA since that pass was first available and I also now just have “viki pass” with the same message that I should resubscribe. I checked a few other former viki pass plus holders’ pages and the same thing happened to their passes - no longer “plus”.
When I go to the list of dramas available for viki pass plus, I still can view everything. So those of you who used to have the standard viki pass, see if you can now see viki pass plus dramas.
If you can now see everything, that is wonderful, a long-deserved reward for your contributions.


I just saw this popping up… Let’s check if the ones I really want to watch are included.


Oh man, the display in Collection is changed the selected dramas use more space and the main picture is smaller in the middle and same pic around is blurred… ottoke??
And on profile all black wallpaper, like doomsday… did I miss something (haven’t visited the page recently)? - Scroll forever baby :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I received a message on the email to be changed in the Viki Passes, only, I still don’t know if the regional passes will be canceled according to some dramas.


Things haven’t changed for me yet in the United Kingdom. The system still says ‘Viki pass standard’.

This is perhaps a good sign that Viki is starting to concentrate more on jurisdictions outside of the United States and Canada.

This isn’t going to mean a price rise, though, is it? I know people don’t want to go there, but someone had to say it, and it might as well be me


Viki wants me back :slight_smile: I just got an email from Viki, because my Viki Pass is gone. I still have access to the Standard Pass dramas.


You also have to face now Ad’s per App. We never had to face them, when we subbed / segmented.


If you go into profile then subscriptions then “billing history”, it will show you that your pass has been paid if you are a QC!

Viki said in past if you are a QC it’s ad free… I still use Opera for Viki and non important websites… it hides any or most ads unless website says you need to unblock it in settings.

I got the same email, but my profile still says Viki Pass in blue. But it says you can now watch Viki on LG TV with Viki Pass and the “We want you back” was sent probably to all Viki accounts…


It wrote the same to me :zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:


The Standard Pass is becoming a little more expensive, but not for people who already had it.


Hi Everybody
Even though my pass is now “Viki Pass” and no longer viki pass plus, I can see all the viki pass plus dramas. So those of you outside of the Americas with the new viki pass, see if you can access the viki pass plus channels – check with episode 3 because often 1-2 are available to anyone. I’m fairly certain you can stlll view all the viki standard pass channels. Report your findings with the region you are in so others will know. cgwm808


My profile appears with only Viki pass… So can we still moderating our dramas I’m Gold QC and I had Viki pass Pluss… I don’t understand this change… Can we get Viki pass Pluss again? Are we volunteers no?


With the new “viki pass” I still have access to all the dramas for which I am a moderator and can still watch everything which requires viki pass plus