No Viki Pass Error


I did get the mail asking me to come back again.
I went to my account settings and I saw this. Whaaaat?

On the other hand, on my profile page it says that not only I still have my QC status but that it will be automatically renewed next June.
Practically, I can still access what I could access before.
Can I access more? The short answer is “no”.
I went to a Viki Pass Plus drama (Dr. Prisoner) and it still said "Not available in your region). I also tried “Cunning Single Lady” and “Our Golden Life”, they are still restricted for me
I live in Greece.

The tiny hope was very short-lived. I went to that link and it only showed me “Vikipass standard” content, not Viki pass plus. (And, as always, it recommended ALL the shows I’ve already watched and/or worked on)

So yes… there is something cooking, definitely, but not implemented yet. (Spes ultima dea, Hope is the last goddess, right?)


There is still a difference between Standard and Plus. I still cannot watch the movie Minari or watch Kdrama Red Balloon on Viki. I believe Minari once had a license for Europe, or it was an other streaming service I use had, but now none has anymore and I only saw that movie halfway.


It had one for a few months, I think.


It would have been nice if Viki tells us when a license expires. If they did I would have made sure I watched the whole movie before it expired.


They changed the message :+1:t3:

(I’m in Europe, Netherlands)


If you go to billing history as here on the bottom right, click on it and it will show whether your pass has been extended… it’s usually every month posted if you are a QC with the min 500 segs/subs each 6 months.


Okay, on one hand “Your QC benefits have granted you free access”
and on the other hand they ask you to “resubscribe”?
Scratches head…


I’m not pressing that blue button!
Is it a trap? :joy:


Here is some information that might be useful to know. I wrote to Viki yesterday and asked the following…

Hi Viki,

What do I need to do so that I can continue working on Viki as a Segmenter and Editor. At present, I have a few dramas for which I am CE, GE and CS and I don’t want to be locked out as a result of these new changes that you have introduced. Are my Gold QC credits carried over or do I need to wait until that is sorted out?


P.S. I recently received the “We want you back” email.

Viki Responded…

Joanna (Viki Support)

Jan 20, 2023, 11:42 PM GMT+8
Hi manganese,

Thank you for writing to the Help Center.

We are sorry that you’re experiencing this issue with your Viki pass subscription. Our team is aware of it and will be looking into it as soon as they can.

We have forwarded all the information you provided to our engineering team and we expect to have a resolution for this problem as soon as possible.

Hope this helps for now. Please do let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a great day!

Thank you,
Viki Community Team Member


There’s no information in their non-reply reply.
They seem to imply that it’s a bug or something? If they’re “looking into it”.
Otherwise they would say “We know about that, everyone got the same message, but don’t worry, nobody is going to be locked out, it’s just a temporary thing that will be sorted in a few days”.


I still cannot cast anything on my tv from my phone using the Viki app. From my iMac to my tv works fine but the app keeps showing me the blue get VikiPass button. Lucky there is a work around but I hope it’s fixed soon.


I’m not pressing that blue button!
Is it a trap?

It’s not a trap, and if you don’t re-subscribe by pressing the blue button you won’t confirm your free viki pass access; since you qualify because of your QC benefits. Validating your free access is all you’ll do by pressing the blue button. You already have a screenshot in case there’s any issue of its validity once you press the blue section.

I think they are doing what they should have done a long, long time ago, and that is determine WHO are the RViki volunteers that really deserve the viki pass standard or plus. There are some here that do very little work, but maintained their viki pass by opening an old channel they worked on, and start re-editing (what needed no editing) or even finally; finish a part they had not finished before. Since it only take 500 contribution count that was easy to do.

I think is for the best to keep active the volunteers that really want to do their volunteer work here, and get rid of the ones who are not really committed in their volunteer work for RViki, and do the minimum just to keep active whatever viki pass they qualify for just to watch dramas/movies for free.

Personally, I really don’t care for viki pass standard or plus. I do my volunteer work here to give the Spanish viewers better quality Spanish subtitles. I take pride in my native language, and detest to see people who don’t qualify to be doing Spanish subtitles working here as a Spanish subber. I have so many evidence of this going on here in the past, and most likely now, as I write this words…:disappointed:


Actually, by pressing the blue “Resubscribe” button, nothing happens. It just tells you that you don’t have to resubscribe because of the QC status.


So it actually was a trap! :joy:

We’ll see what changes will come our way the coming weeks/months. I’m just happy Viki rewards our hard work for the subbing etc like @angelight313_941 does for the Spanish speaking community. I can only imagine how happy they are with hard working volunteers all over the globe. :muscle:



But it’s really not a trap since you will be informed you have free access ; which in a way gives validity/confirmation that you are still a viki pass holder: In other words. I think it’s more a confirmation on their end; not really for ‘‘us’’ the volunteers. I guess that was the best they could do to keep/collect data on viki pass holder because of their QC status.

I’m also very happy that they are rewarding the hard working volunteers from all over the globe, not just one or two teams because that would be so unfair.


I don’t get Viki at all with this matter, my profile shows I have Viki Pass, it no longer shows the Standard Pass. Yet, I got another 2nd email asking me if I am still unconvinced to come back and get a pass again. Now, I start to wonder what actually really is going on …
@amm11 Could you please give us some information?


You might have thought there would be no reaction, but hey I got some news from Viki.
So, even if your profile showed Viki Standard Pass and now “only” shows Viki Pass, there is (or let’s say there should be) no changes in accessibility when it comes to the channels, at least I have not found one that has changed for me.

And if you got one or two emails telling you to get your pass back, that was actually a bug in the system, so let’s hope that this “bug” is now taken care of as well.

That’s all.


I still cannot use the app on my phone to cast to my chromecast. Geez how hard is it to fix that! I want to be able to cast on my TV with my phone so I don’t have to leave my iMac on and cast from there which still works fine.

The app on my phone still says “get VikiPass” so I decided to click on it and it gave me a list of plans. Below it stated “Already subscribed? Restore benefits” but I got an error as the app doesn’t see I already have Vikipass while I’m logged in. Of course it had nothing to do with a google account.


So we just disregard and delete those mails, right?


Bug means faulty, right? I will delete them, I still have the screenshots, will keep them for now until I don’t think a 3rd email will come around …