Not in any team anymore?

I decided to take a break from subbing since I was going through burnout IRL. When I came back to finish the shows I’d started I found that my Viki mail had been changed without my authorization. Although I was able to get my account back easily it seems I’m not on ANY of the teams I was before. I’m unable to enter the subtitle editor for any shows I previously worked on, even the ones I was editor and mod for. Only the designated channel message pops up. My project contributions can be seen but clicking on channel role leads to the “You’re not contributing to any shows yet” message.
Is this likely because of the 7-month break I took or the email change? What can I do?

Seven months is a short break compared to some volunteers. So I doubt it’s that.

Do you have roles in your Project Contributions All tab? If so, you might not be seeing any projects in the Role tab because of a glitch.

And if so, you should contact Viki because it’s a technical failure.

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In the all tab, only the number of subtitles is seen but not my role.
How do you suggest I contact Viki? By mail? Sorry, I’m a bit clueless since I’ve not come across an issue like this before.

Open a ticket in the Help section (up right corner, under your icon, there’s a dropdown menu)

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Maybe you were deleted for inactivity from some teams (those that were not completed)?
I would write to the CMs to ask

I’m 100% sure I never deleted her from Awaken, but she also has no role there anymore.
But the moderator of her language could have also deleted her.

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Maybe you can check if she is still in the Team tab in Manage Channel.

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I know such moderators who kick out subbers who decide to take a break from translating. They say they do it so that subbers on break don’t have access to the Subtitle Editor :expressionless: Try to reach out your moderators and also talk about your situation with CMs.

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@keya Do you have another Viki name? The user keya on Viki doesn’t show any QC status nor any contributions… I’m puzzled.

Ok I looked up the other account, but 2 keya is interesting.
Did you fill out your required minimum of 500 subs or segs within 6 months in order to continue your access, could perhaps this be a problem?
There’s an underscore, that’s why you weren’t able to find them.


@keya you said your email was changed, I guess since it was changed without your authorization, someone got access to your account. I know another volunteer who got a similar situation and waiting to get back her account, Viki removed her from all of her projects, maybe it’s what happened to you too.
Still, even though Viki had told her they would give her back her channels’ roles, they never did (from what I know) and she had to ask CM and moderators to add her back, but wasn’t possible for all of the channels.


As Chloé said, I had the same issue. My Viki account was hacked. My profile was completely deleted and I coudn’t even access blueforest anymore. So, I contacted Viki. They saw that someone had changed my email adress. It wasn’t me but a hacker!
The service center helped me get my account back, but I was seeing the dramas I’d worked on without any role (CM, moderator, editor, subtitler). And no more access to the subtitler editor! It’s difficult when you are moderator ^^
So, I had to contact the CMs and moderators to get them to reinstate me in these roles (thanks to you all!). The problem is that some of them are no longer active on Viki, so I didn’t get everything back.
Viki has reinstated my CM functions (but I see they’re no longer there today. Bug?)
Good luck, and above add an antivirus!
I wish you the best of health! :heart:


Yeah, it’s a bug which we first noticed last week. I’d hoped that the recent website update would address that. But no.