Novels Adapted Into Dramas

Hi, everyone! ^^
Does anyone know where I can read/buy the novels of the Chinese dramas “Bloody Romance” and “The Legends” in English?
Are these only web novels or can I also find print versions?

Please post a comment here if you know other good novels made into dramas and if print books of them exist :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if it is allowed to post links to fan translations here, but Google helps ^^ (it is easy to find)

As long as I know Bloody Romance exists only as fan translation (into English). I was a bit curious about the novel version so I recently had a look at it (the novel version is quite different but explains the lack I felt within the TV drama). Because of the genre the novel may be disappointing when you expect a normal genre and find some kind of abusive s/m fantasy/historic mix.

The dramas I’ve listed here are also from novels:

(Three Lives has an English version on amazon and seems to be a well written novel with a TV adaption that is close to the drama. Ice Fantasy seems to have only English fan translation and has a bad writing style (chapters are more like a summary/short notes than a novel) plus story + character wise far away from the TV version (in the way that if you liked the TV version of the characters and then read the first chapters of the novel they are too different, even so one could feel that the “origin” characters are like these from the novel while watching the show).


I see :slight_smile: I’ll try to find it and I’ll take a look at the other novels ~
Thank you so much! ^^