NSSA - Subbing Division - New Subtitling Academies

Hello, NSSA followers,

Here we are at the end of the founding procedure for some new subtitling academies announced a few weeks ago. We had a lot to work on but we are glad that everything went almost smoothly.

Before getting to the most important part of the announcement, we would like to recall some very important aspects:

  • the Feedback Form aimed to get a clear status about the candidates and how their community perceives them;
  • we aimed only the respondents active constantly for the past 2 months to have people with pertinent backgrounds for evaluating the candidates - so besides the lists received from the candidates, we also checked multiple channels from all the candidates, plus some other active Language moderators, to make sure that we don’t have preferential lists;
  • each community had the liberty to pass the Feedback Form to all those eligible from their community according to the information mentioned in the first section of the form.

Hence, after collecting feedback from each participating community and the analysis of it, here is the NSSA decision for each Subtitling academy:

:mortar_board: French Subtitling Academy

  • Based on the feedback received, the activity of the already existing academy will be resumed with deval_chloe as the new French Subtitling Academy Moderator.
  • Many thanks to the French respondents for understanding the aim of our Feedback Form and for taking it seriously.

:mortar_board: Spanish Subtitling Academy

  • Based on the feedback received, we announce eun_soo_lee_2 as the Spanish Subtitling Academy Moderator.
  • Same, many thanks to the Spanish respondents for understanding the aim of our Feedback Form and for taking it seriously.

:mortar_board: German Subtitling Academy

  • Based on the feedback received, we announce animarina_677 as the German Subtitling Academy Moderator.
  • Again, many thanks to the German respondents for understanding the aim of our Feedback Form and for taking it seriously.

Hungarian Subtitling Academy

  • The amount of Feedback forms received from the Hungarian community was way too little to have a clear overview of the candidates. Especially since the Hungarian is already quite a small community according the the active respondents we had on our list for the Feedback Form.
  • Moreover, based on the feedback received, it seems that the Hungarian community had some difficulty understanding the aim of the Feedback Form but also some very serious internal difficulties that prevented them from finding a common direction as a community.
  • We would like to point out that NSSA didn’t receive any questions from the Hungarian community to help them understand the Feedback Form or the entire procedure.
  • To be very clear, even with the few received forms, there wasn’t a clear favorite for their Subtitling Academy.
  • Therefore, we announce that the Hungarian Subtitling Academy will not be founded. Moreover, we decided on 6 months cool-down until the next eligibility of asking again for a Hungarian Subtitling Academy. So starting with 18.09.2024, they will be able to show again their interest in founding their Subtitling academy.
  • We hope that through our decision, the Hungarian community will have the necessary time to communicate and find a solution internally to their crisis.

After this announcement, each elected candidate will have 2 weeks to come up with an English presentation of their program and their team of Sensei and Jr. Sensei.

Lastly, the NSSA would like to point out some important things for all communities, but especially for those who would like their own Subtitling Academy:

  • regardless of the division we are talking about, at NSSA we are a team discussing each aspect of our activity to make sure that our actions will materialize in fair decisions;
  • we worked very seriously on the founding procedure and we will ask for feedback through the Feedback Form with the same seriousness;
  • we kindly ask each community not to use NSSA and its members’ positions as an argument for their internal difficulties and requests - since the admin team activity is based on open discussions, with pros and cons from each admin member and documents whenever needed, we can provide Viki at any time, if they will request, with all the necessary materials to justify the seriousness of our work.

Thanks once again for your time and for helping us to make a decision based on each community’s wish!