Offering help after a project is already finished

I’m most likely not the only CM who receives PM’s from people who want to help out with a finished project. Every once in a while I get PM’s from people who want to help with segmenting or Korean - English subbing when a project is already finished and 100% subbed.
I wonder why people do this? What do they expect?
Those people usually also have zero contributions so do they want to ruin our hard work so they can get experience and give us more work because we need to do damage control after they ruined it?


If they are absolute newbies, my bet is they came from the Project Finder. That thing is immensely faulty.


They don’t have the typical project finder message template most of the time though.
But who knows… It’s still odd.

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Hey, I just got a message from someone who would like to help translate I Am Not a Robot episode 00 Special.
Now, I was Italian moderator in I Am Not a Robot, but there was no special at the time (that was what, two years ago?). But now it seems there is. Or rather that there WILL be, it’s coming soon, and fully subbed.
And it’s listed, of course, in Project Finder.



It’s going to be a new thing… You won’t know some side-contents arrived in the project you used to work on, possibly a long time ago, until you get a message from a newbie. Completely useless.


They receive referrals from the Project Finder!

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This is the reply I sent to all of them:

Dear X,
the drama has been translated a long time ago, by a full team of volunteers, If and when this Special comes, the same people will take care of it. (Moreover, those Specials are usually a montage of different scenes from the drama, so it will probably be enough to copy paste existing subs)
I thank you for your interest. But it would be better for you to look for dramas which are yet unfinished, which have episodes untranslated.
The Project Finder is badly made. It should, first of all, have a link to the drama’s main page, in order for you to check how many episodes have already been translated into your language. Better still, it should give the info then and there.
Anyway, when you go to the drama’s page and click on View All under the thumbnails, you’ll see a page with the whole episode list. If you have chosen English as a language for Viki, you’ll see the done percentage in English, but if you turn it to Italian, you will see the percentage in Italian. So you’ll be able to see at a glance if there are still unfinished episodes.
This said, if there are only one or two unfinished ones, there’s no point in asking to be part of the team, probably the team members will complete them. But if there’s a lot missing and you see it’s an old series, then you can give it a try!
Alternatively, you could go to the main page of many dramas and note down the names of Italian moderators. When you have collected many of them, message them asking whether they need help in any of their unfinished projects (I don’t have any at the moment)
Good luck!


I am new to the contributor side of Viki and was having a snoop in the Project Finder just now to see if there were any projects I could help with. I noticed there were 24 pages worth of Korean dramas which I could apply to segment for, despite the fact that I remember watching many of those dramas on Viki years ago with completed English subtitles.

It did not seem correct to me, so I did a search in the Discussions for an answer to this just in case, and this thread explains it. Thank you. I will bear in mind that the project finder is faulty!